Why the Hawk?

 Attributes & symbolic meanings of the hawk:

  • Attention
  • Vision
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Leadership
  • Intensity

The hawk wants us to be very keenly aware of our own power and the power we have over others. It also represents the need to have and hold a higher vision – not overlooking important details but also striving to see and achieve the bigger picture. The hawk may come into your life to offer you lessons about higher purpose, hope and new ideas. Hawk also encourages us to free ourselves from limiting thoughts and behavior and to open ourselves to change, a better and a brighter future.

 The hawk is considered a messenger and helps you pay attention, become more observant of your surroundings. It helps you – help yourself overcome difficult situations with perseverance and patience. Hawk also teaches us about clarity, illumination and focus on correct paths for a purposeful life.