Veteran Life and Career Mapping for BCCs

The BlueRio Hawk Eye TRACK C (self-paced) has been retired to make room for the updated version of BlueRio’s Life-Mapping for Service Members, Veterans and Their Families – Track C. This is a 100% self-paced course.


You may enroll either for 27 BCC, CEUs or 35 BCC, CEUs. You will have one year from the time of entering the course portal to complete your requirements.  This is a rich, robust course with a lot of material. Some of it is optional and will be marked as such.  Most of the lessons are offered as online versions with PDF files you may download. Some lessons are videos and audios. Approx 80% of the course lessons are available so you may download and keep. All lessons are open – so you may follow in a linear fashion or you may skip to lessons that resonate with you more deeply. It is up to you!

“My participation in the Hawk Eye Coaching Program…[now Life-Mapping Coaching] prepared me to coach veterans in transition, integration and sustainability phases not only with confidence but also with passion. The program material offers any participant major insight into a veteran’s core experience, including the many variables this population may present…What a fortunate decision on my part to have participated in the Hawk Eye Coaching Program. The gains have been personal as well as professional. Kudos to its’ founder and every best wish to those veterans who will be benefiting from a program that derives from the highest of intentions for them.” DMH

Below is an overview of the program. Scroll down for requirements.

As a CENTER FOR CREDENTIALING AND EDUCATION (CCE) – Board Certified Coach, you understand the magnitude of offering sound, ethical and inspiring foundations for your clients to succeed. As a Board Certified Coach, myself I understand the importance of offering innovative and purposeful training opportunities. You may be called to work with our military service members, their families, or you may be working with their managers. Some of you may be veterans, reservists or spouses or partners seeking to support military-connected people and find a career that allows independence and flexibility.

While many of the lessons covered in this course could apply to almost any person facing drastic transitions in life and career, some of these lessons are so specially crafted and designed to get at the core of the differences, the nuances that make life-mapping and transitioning different for service members. Yes – as the news announces it seems daily – it can be a harrowing, challenging experience for some. Yet for others it is an exciting challenge. Success often comes down to a service member, family or even manager who hires military having someone in their corner who gets “it” who can support, respect and co-design plans of purpose and dignity. This is where you, as a BCC, can come in and have that special edge. This course offers insight into the nuances of military life – its benefits and its drawbacks when it comes to a person moving forward, back into a civilian setting.

BlueRio Strategies has been offering high-caliber training programs for more than 9 years and the past five years has offered the nation’s first CCE-BCC Approved, FULL coaching certification program that specifically trains people to assist military veterans. This Track C is based off this original Flagship course. Now we have just updated its curriculum.

You will gain many ideas, refresh your current knowledge and also have access to various tools, worksheets, assessments and more.

TRACK C: Purpose, Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Participants Will/Receive:
    • Improve confidence in working with service members and their families coaching for sustainable life design and career management
    • Experience and train to use at least two assessment tools (The VAL – Value Arrangements List and the Style Matters Communication and Conflict Inventory and will be able to test and train to become certified to administer the VAL
      • (One VAL assessment and Report)
      • Training to use the VAL assessment for your own clients or staff – One Style Matters Conflict Mode Assessment and Report
    • Free Listing in veteran coaching directory
    • Cultivate and innovative coaching strategies, and refine personal styles
    • Use insight to offer services in many communities for under-served populations
    • CE units for CCE-Board Certified Coaches
    • Worksheets, plans, sample coaching agreements & more


Every few years, the ICF (International Coach Federation), via PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, administers a global study of coaches worldwide (including non-ICF members), the results offer a snapshot of where the profession of coaching is, right now, and what the future of coaching may be.


  • Over 15,000 respondents, from 137 countries, took the survey
  • The ICF estimates there are over 50,000 professional coaches, worldwide


  • 99% of professional coaches have coach-specific training
  • Over two-thirds have completed at least 125 approved/accredited hours of coach training.

*inquire about non-profit or military-related discounts.
 The technology for ALL tracks includes an on-line portal called MyPowerSchool


Four modules, 22 lessons

  • Module 1, Lesson 1 – (IA © Coaching)
  • Lesson 1b: BCC Core Competencies (OPTIONAL)
  • Lesson 2 – Start Here – Military Experience
  • lesson 2: military minds – boot camp, recruiters etc. (articles, movies etc.)
  • lesson 2: more veteran interviews (audio + written
  • lesson 2: videos: Alive Day Clips
  • lesson 2: military mindset – NPR interview plus others
  • Lesson 2: Recorded Panels (Optional)
  • Lesson 3: Ethics
  • Lesson 4: Coaching Samples
  • Lesson 5: Setting Foundations, Creating Agreements & more
  • Lesson 6: Setting Boundaries as well as terminating Clients
  • Lesson 7: Assessments
  • Module 2, Lessons Start Here (Lesson 9: Basics of the Brain)
  •    Lesson 10: Basics of IPNB, relational neuroscience, attunement etc.
  •    Lesson 11: Motivation Theories
  •    Lesson 12: Delving into Purpose
  •    Lesson 13: Goal-Setting, WOOP
  •    Lesson 14- Communication & Conflict
  •    Lesson 15: related videos
  • Lesson 15 **Style Matters and The VAL5
  • Lesson 16: Calming Techniques for coach and clients
  • Lesson 18: Personal Branding
  • Lesson 19: Life Mapping – More on Planning
  • Lesson 20 Interviewing & Resumes
  • Module 4, Lesson 21: Growing Your Practice
  • Lesson 22: SELF CARE & RESOURCES

  • Requirements, CEUs Cancellations and More Important Data

    TECHNICAL: This entire course is delivered online using the Haiku/Powerlearning Portal. You can access the course using *most devices. To learn more click:  Technical Requirements
    To get an idea of using the system click this link:

    Requirements –27 CEUs

  • The entire program is delivered on-line. You will need a computer with Internet access. High-speed Internet is recommended. You will have 12 months to complete your lessons.
  • There are MANY lessons inside this course and many OPTIONAL. When the information is OPTIONAL – it will be marked that way.
  • Exams: You must pass three exams (Coaching, VAL, final – all must have a 75 or higher. You have three attempts for each exam)

        Requirements –35 CEUs

  • The entire program is delivered on-line. You will need a computer with Internet access. High-speed Internet is recommended. You will have 12 months to complete your lessons.
  • There are MANY lessons inside this course and many OPTIONAL. When the information is OPTIONAL – it will be marked that way.
  • Exams: You must pass four exams (Coaching, Relational Neuroscience, VAL, final – all must have a 75 or higher. You have three attempts for each exam)
  • Assignment: Either submission of Coaching Plan or a one-page reflection on any article found or video watched in the optional lessons offered through-out the course.

 COST: Track C: 2017 –  ( 27 CEUs for $351 or 35 CEUs for $455.  Military discounts available – please contact us regarding these discounts and LIMITED scholarships….)

Use the ENROLL Page to Purchase


There is a required non-refundable registration fee for the Life Mapping Home Study TRACK C of $50. This is included in the price of the program and guarantees your spot in the course at the price you purchased.

You may cancel within 7 days of registration and before start of your course. Starting the course is defined as you entering the course portal.  You will get a refund minus the cost of the registration fee if you cancel before the start of your course.  No refunds after class begins.

Requests for cancellation must be made in writing, and emailed or contact us for our mailing address.

Emergency cancellations for those who withdraw after enrolling will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


CCE Board Certified Coach

BlueRio’s Hawk Eye process is based in the latest brain-science, positive and strength-based strategies. While it focuses on veterans as the coaches’ main clientele, the program offers tools and strategies for collaborating and supporting virtually anyone who is in a career transition or seeking career and life mapping.



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