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BCC – Approved Coach Certification Training (Robust Military Focus): Life Map Coach  – Specializing in Transition and Development for Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families.

I was a BlueRio Institute student for the Life Map Coaching course aimed toward veterans/service members and their families. I was looking for a course that would educate me on what it means to be a coach but also challenge me to really act like a coach. Jessi’s course exceeded all of my expectations…I felt that, after completing the course, I could fill a void in assisting service members as they pursue their collegiate degrees. Master’s degree programs in higher education administration rarely teach you about veterans—this course is a much-needed component to be a successful educational administrator in a time of more diverse student populations.

I applaud the course for giving me very valuable knowledge and research to consider when coaching service members. Nearly every module left me with the sensation of, “Wow, I never even thought of that.” I was further challenged to think creatively, celebrating that every potential client is unique and does not perfectly fit into a box. If it weren’t for Jessi and her course, I would be calling myself a coach and not actually coaching. I am thankful for Jessi’s wisdom, instructional design, and personalized curriculum. Completing a course with BlueRio Institute is both deeply educational and interpersonal. I will always connect with Jessi to learn more about coaching and refine my skillset. She’s one of a kind.
– – – – – – – –
Mr. Matthew Cintron-Quiñones, BCC, CLMC, CVDC (2021 Graduate)

There are MANY opportunities to serve our military service members, their families, their colleagues, and the communities in which they live.

Some of you may be managers who hire veterans and reservists. Others may be spouses or partners seeking to support military-connected people and find a career that allows independence and flexibility. You may be Active Duty leading other service members, or a veteran yourself who intends to volunteer at a local non-profit and believes that coaching is a powerful tool that will help other veterans. If you fall into any of these categories – or are just interested in learning more about innovative ways to create a great culture by helping those who have served our country and helped us – please consider coach training.   And also – I would ask you to consider this particular training program.

BlueRio Strategies (and its Institute) has been offering high-caliber training programs for 15 years and the past ten years has offered the nation’s first CCE-BCC Approved, FULL coaching certification program that specifically trains people to assist military veterans, their partners and families.

I am the founder, Jessi LaCosta.  This is part of my calling – to build a sustainable, resilient world – with leadership and community being strategic, results-focused, and yet empathetic and compassionate in their approaches. We must find a way to come together. Coaching is just one of the many ways to do that – yet I must admit – even if I am biased, it is a magnificent way.

First-hand, I have experienced profound growth in people who are coached. I am honored to have been working with service members, veterans, and professionals who hire them –  facilitating life-mapping, career transitions, and career management for more than ten years.

Rather than a “paint by numbers” approach to coach training, this program implores you to dig deeper within yourself – to manifest your truest and deepest potential so you can do that for others. My courses have been called, intense, on-fire, challenging, and rewarding.  One of my mottoes is “you get out of it – what you put into it” – yet I will be walking that path with you as are you dedicated to this very purposeful achievement – a Life Map Coach Certification.  I take this seriously and feel each and every one of my students has brilliance within – so I do all in my power to support each person who enrolls.  Please email or call -984-377-3699 regarding the details of the certification, your goals, and the requirements if you need any clarification.

This program is based on the Flagship program Hawk Eye.  This is the updated, improved version of what has already earned a well-respected reputation as one of the ONLY full coach certification training programs in the USA to focus on coaches supporting military service members and their spouses and partners.

The best educational experiences I have ever had. I feel lucky to have been part of the Hawk Eye training. Jessi is a wonderful instructor. I am truly grateful to have been part of this learning experience. KW- Cohort 14 – CVDC

You can come from any field – however, the most common professionals who use coaching as a tool in their toolbox and would benefit from BlueRio’s  Full Certification Program are:

  • Trained Social Workers
  • Career Counselors
  • Managers & Supervisors of Service Members
  • Workforce Development Professionals
  • Nonprofit Professionals
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Educators (Higher Education)
  • Veterans/Reservists
  • Military Partners/Spouses
  • Military Counselors
  • Life Skill Facilitators

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About This BCC-Approved Training

BlueRio trains individuals (civilians and military) using a high-caliber, robust curriculum. The core focus of the training is to inspire, educate and empower people to use coaching as a vehicle to assist military-connected individuals as they design sustainable lives, effective career maps, and master transitioning from a military-focused life to the civilian sector with dignity and purpose. The program is also designed to encourage the participants/students to engage in deep reflection, experiencing potentially profound changes in their own lives as they train to support changes in their clients’ lives. BlueRio’s innovative process is founded in relational neuroscience, positive and strength-based strategies, and what the founder calls Life Mapping that is relatable, realistic, and motivating. While it focuses on service members and their families, the program offers tools and strategies for collaborating and supporting virtually anyone who is in a major career transition, seeking to improve their lives and careers, or for those who are currently managing teams of service members and would like to earn a coach certification.

Purpose, Benefits, and Outcomes:

  • Participants Will/Receive:
    • Acquire foundations for life coaching and career management
      Improve confidence in working with service members and their families coaching for sustainable life design and career management
    • Experience and train to use assessment tools (including the Style Matters Communication and Conflict Inventory)
    • Experience coaching using role-play among peers as well as deliver actual coaching
    • *For late 2021 and 2020 students: Three coaching sessions with founder after completion of the course  [value $600]
    • *Students enrolling in 2022 also can optionally earn a full Conflict Matters Dashboard (valued at $150)
    • Digital Certificate (paper upon request)
    • Digital Badge
    • Free Listing in veteran coaching directory (&/or Leadership and Life Map Coaching Directory)
    • Recognition as a Certified Life Map Coach, Specializing in service members, veterans, and their families
    • Develop heightened problem-solving skills
    • Improve self-awareness and leadership abilities
    • Cultivate and innovative coaching strategies, and refine personal styles
    • Develop leadership and development skills to help people in career, college and life management.
    • Use insight to offer services in many communities for under-served populations
    • *Can be used as CE units for CCE-Board Certified Coaches – read more about this credential here.

PLEASE READ Requirements

Sample Course Lessons for Free!



Every few years, the ICF (International Coach Federation), via PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, administers a global study of coaches worldwide (including non-ICF members), the results of which, comprise a snapshot of where the profession of coaching is, right now, and what the future of coaching may be.


HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study: Executive Summary:

Globally, it is estimated that there were approximately 71,000 coach practitioners in 2019, an increase of 33% on the 2015 estimate


So What do Coaches Earn?

  • Income varies widely…
  • Factors include number of years practicing and type of coaching offered
  • Globally, coaches average $47,100 per year USD.
  • The highest earners are in N. America (almost $62,500) followed by Oceania ($61,100,), followed by, and W. Europe ($51,100).

The estimated global total revenue from coaching in 2019 was $2.849 billion U.S. dollars, representing a 21% increase over the 2015 estimate.



Nearly all coach practitioners (99%) report that they have completed some coach-specific training. Increasingly, training is through programs accredited/approved by a professional coaching organization

(93% in the 2020 study, up from 89% in 2016).93% of managers/leaders using coaching skills have received some coach-specific training, including 79% through programs accredited/approved by a professional coaching organization.

The people and organizations who receive/use coaching expect their coaches to be certified/credentialed. Almost three in four coach practitioners (74%) said they currently hold a credential or certification from a professional coaching organization, up from 70% in the 2016 study.

The Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential is a mark of distinction for credential holders and a source of credibility for their clients. A BCC has met professional coaching competency standards established by CCE and subject matter experts.

The BCC certification demonstrates to the public that a professional coach has:

  • Met educational and training requirements
  • Passed a psychometrically sound coach-specific examination
  • Obtained experience in the field of coaching
  • Professional peer references
  • Accountability to an enforceable ethics code
  • Commitment to continuing education

The achievement of the Board Certified Coach credential solidifies the professional identity of the coach. The BCC credential is attractive to professionals who would like to provide independent third-party verification that they have achieved certain coaching competency standards.

Enrolling in a BlueRio Course earns a certificate of completion or certification depending on the program. There are usually No educational requirements for BlueRio Courses.

Earning the BCC credential is separate from this and not mandatory. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree as a minimum educational requirement to earn this credential.


What else do you need to know about this program?

You will need a computer with internet access for the online/private website portion.

You get 60 hours of training – depending on the offering this will be earned either via a blend of on-site and online learning or via 100% online delivery of partly self-paced readings, videos and audio assignments, homework, and peer coaching.  

**Independent Study participants will have a rigorous program modeled after the cohort program, yet participation will still include one-on-one engagement with an instructor. The time frame to earn Full Certification ranges from 6 – 8 months.

PLEASE READ REQUIREMENTS OF THIS COURSE BEFORE ENROLLING – Earning the CLMC/CVDC is an esteemed distinction – this course is rich with information intended to provide the highest quality coaches to serve our veterans and military-connected community.

*Inquire about non-profit or military-related discounts.


The program design/curriculum is Copyrighted by BlueRio Strategies. © 2017 – 2021

The outline below is a window into the program and is slightly modified for on-site delivery and Independent Study Participants.


–(More detailed requirements upon request)

The entire program is delivered on-line with live web-based and offline sessions. You will need a computer with Internet access. High-speed Internet is recommended.

100% online course:


1. One-on-one role-play with instructor: Two, 45-minute virtual sessions

2. Exams: You must pass three exams (coaching, communication, and conflict, final)

3. Peer Coaching: You are required to experience 8 hours of peer coaching

4. Client Coaching: You are required to demonstrate proof of 8 hours of client coaching (this can be with one or more than one client)

5. Homework: 

  • Discussion Posts:  Answers/posting to a minimum of 6 discussion topic posts throughout
  • Assignments:• There will be several activities assigned throughout the course, mostly with worksheets and templates available for you to ALSO use with future clients.

• One short reflection paper (This is equivalent to 3 paragraphs minimum – but no more than 2 pages long at maximum)

• Coaching Conversations- 1 page

• Coaching Plan based on case study

• Submit 1 approx 30 – 45 minute recorded coaching session. (This may be with a peer or an actual client)

• Submit signed Code of Ethics

• Submit proof of coaching form


(FULL Certification is dependent on meeting ALL requirements)

**Those who want the additional CVDC designation must send in an additional reflection paper on how coaching a veteran may be different and what tools or techniques they intend to use or commit to a CAPSTONE project that is veteran-focused.(Certification is dependent on meeting ALL requirements)

+++You will have to also have proof of additional coaching hours per CCE if you intend to apply for board certification. See their requirements here.



Four modules, 22 lessons

Start Module 1 Lesson – Basics of Coaching – Understanding The Clients

  • Lesson 1: Coaching History, BlueRio’s Foundational IA™ process, What is Coaching? – BCC Core Comps
  • Lesson 2: Military Experience: General lessons on military mindset, experiences inside the military, experiences for family and spouses, experiences with transitions – work and life balance – lecture, videos, interviews
  • Lesson 3: Ethics: BlueRio Code of Ethics, BCC Ethics
  • Lesson 4: Coaching Session Samples
  • Lesson 5: Setting Foundations, Creating Agreements – Screening, Creating Intake Sheets, Developing Agreements, and Contracts.
  • Lesson 6: Setting Boundaries as well as terminating Clients
  • Lesson 7: Assessments – how to assess for strengths, gaps, etc.
  • Lesson 8: Intro to Coaching Plans (Basic Look at Planning using BlueRio’s Foundational IA™ Model as an example)
  • Lesson 9: COACHING VS. THERAPY & MORE: Lessons on differences, when to refer out – brief lessons on TBI, PTS Inner Conflict [AKA Moral Injury] Survivor’s Guilt, PTG

MODULE 2: Understanding Motivation, Communication & Conflict (Module 2 will explore how people are motivated, how they communicate and manage conflict, and how IPNB and relational neuroscience supports these findings and offers ways for coaches to serve clients to their best capacity while tapping into a sense of Purpose.

  • Lesson 10: Basics of the Brain
    Lesson 11: Basics of IPNB, relational neuroscience, attunement, etc.
  • Lesson 12: Motivation Theories
  • Lesson 13: Delving into Purpose (Strengths, weaknesses)
  • Lesson 14: Goal-Setting, WOOP
  • Lesson 15: Communication and Conflict
  • Lesson 16: **Offer Style Matters– recorded lessons on using both
  • Lesson 17: Calming Techniques for coach and clients


MODULE 3: Platforms for Messaging of Purpose, Branding

  • Lesson 18: Strategies & Problem-solving: Ladder of Inference, GAP Analysis, Force-Field Analysis, SWOT, SOAR)
  • Lesson 19: Personal Branding
  • Lesson 20: Mapping Life/Career – more in-depth Coach Planning and Case Studies
    • Sub-lessons of 20: Lessons on interviewing, networking, videos, templates

MODULE 4: Finishing Up….

  • Lesson 21: Growing Your Practice
  • Lesson 22: SELF CARE & RESOURCES


Programs of this quality range from $2200 – $3500.  Due to the nature of who enrolls  (veterans, military-connected, nonprofit professionals, well-intended citizens, *On-site training and Independent Study Participants Enrollment Fees may differ (usually ranging from $1900 – $2200 per person), Online, Self-Paced TUITION: $1700.00 and can be divided into 3 payments – 14 day refund period if not enrolled in the preview course first – if enrolled in Preview course, 7-day refund. (Scholarship students will have a different cancellation policy.)

We will continue to offer military discounts, nonprofit discounts, and scholarships. Please know the applications for scholarships have become very competitive- at the bottom of this page is a scholarship application form.

 We do all we can to serve those who need it. Yet the funding comes literally from the founder and when and if any other businesses offer additional support.