Survive and Thrive

Survive and Thrive – Resiliency Building: E-learning Course

(Next Offering will be Late Summer – Early Fall)

The Survive and Thrive class was very beneficial not only did I learn information that can enrich my career but also benefited me in my personal life. Jessi is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and involved instructor who truly cares about her students. -L. L.


As part of the BlueRio’s Hawk Collaborative’s mission to create a world that manifests success creatively, strategically with empathy and an eye towards growth and healing – This course is OPEN to ANYONE who is interested. It’s a development course for some on a personal level (non-coaches) and for most on a professional level (coaches) Participants join together in a virtual space/class room to examine models of resilience building and roles resilience plays in people’s ability to thrive during and after great challenges….

We will cover the beginning concepts of Resilience building

  • Basics of IPNB ( interpersonal neurobiology – neuroscience and psychology)
  • Basics of how we show up (how we demonstrate our value to the world around us – Branding)
  • Forgiveness – its necessity in resilience
  • Acceptance – when it works – why it is needed – and when we need to forge ahead – and why Acceptance is integral to Resilience
  • Introduction to some other models and ideas regarding resilience
  • Invitation to a private collaboration site– no charge

Benefits of fostering resilience are far-reaching. Ironically many components of resilience are the same outcomes of becoming resilient – as it all comes full circle and people strengthen their resolve.

      • Improved problem-solving
      • Mood-flexibility
      • Healthier outlook
      • Increased Empathy
      • Persistence & Patience
      • Improved team-work
      • Stronger personal relationships
      • Critical thinking skills
      • Intuition


I approached the branding module with attitude and judgment.  If you can imagine a teenager’s eyes rolling saying,”Really?”  I could already tell you that you could not put a spin on branding towards resilience and thriving, after all wasn’t branding nothing more than a sales pitch?  I had a huge paradigm shift as I sorted through all the text and videos.  I was captured right away by the intro: “Perhaps what can be a difficult step in this is a higher awareness that while we do not need to always be front and center – while we do not ALWAYS need to be socializing or surrounding ourselves by people – we may need to come out of isolation just enough so that some people – even just a few know us – through our brands. That if we can manage to increase awareness just a bit about the value we bring – what we stand for and our gifts – we may touch just enough people to offer us support – directly or indirectly when we need it most – when we face the challenges. So for those who are not coaching – see this as a call to create an outward manifestation of your authentic personal brand as a way to foster resilience for yourself and for others.” I was hooked.  It was the lesson once again on language, assuming that my paradigm or definition of branding was everyone’s.  I had suspended curiosity, the valuable asset for coaches. Survive and thrive is a most excellent class… What  Jessi LaCosta offers is a path to self reflection and healing, whether you are a CEO or a clerk in a store.  And as a participant, along with Jessi, You are participating in bringing peace and hope to our world.” Rebecca Campbell, MAC, BCC

This course offers approximately 1520 hours of learning content.
(CEUs  for BCCs range from 12 – 17 that can be earned)

You can call in from just about anywhere via a phone or through your computer. Then as a participant – you will enter a private online portal (website for your e-learning) where you will access lessons, watch videos and engage with each others through an on–line discussion board. You will have approximately  8 weeks to complete the course.

There will be two 90-minute live classes that will be offered as part of the course and these will be in a webinar/teleconference format and will be recorded. The first introduced the course concepts and reviews expectations.

A second live webinar/ tele-class (90 minutes) will be offered approximately toward the end of course to review a case study and pose any final questions.  Both calls will be recorded and will be available to listen to at a later date.  (Total live classes = 3 hours)

Areas for BCC that it is designed to meet for CEU approval:

      • Fundamental coaching skills
      • Coaching approaches for individuals
      • Coaching approaches for businesses and organizations

Area it *may fall under to meet NCC guidelines:

      • Life Transitions: Wellness and Prevention

Course will be taught by Founder, Jessi LaCosta BCC, CMEC

Course dates:

To be announced –

General Public (no CE earned)  $119

For Board-Certified Coaches who want to obtain digital certificates of CE credits earne

Course requires a minimum of 5 participants and has a maximum of 26

Requirements In General:

  1. Attend live or watch/listen later both webinar classes
  2. Complete modules 1 – 5
  3. Watch/listen to required videos/audio
  4. Contribute to Forum Discussion Area

Requirements to earn a digital certificate &/or proof of CEUs:

For BCCs:To earn 12 CEUs:
  • Must submit a 1 –2 sentence summary of each webinar class whether you listened to recording or attended live.
  • Must contribute to the discussion forums at minimum three posts ( these can be initial posts or responses to others.)
  • Watch at least 2 optional videos in the portal and read one optional article and submit  1 – 2 sentences regarding each

17 CEUs: All of the above PLUS – instead of 3 minimum posts – you must contribute with at least 5 posts ( they can be initial posts or responses to other people’s posts.)


  • Must submit a 1 –2 sentence summary of at least one of the webinar classes whether you listened to recording or attended live.
  • Must contribute to the discussion forums at minimum three posts (these can be initial posts or responses to others.)

Cancellations: ***Cancellation Policy for this class: There is a required non-refundable registration fee for the Survive and Thrive course of $25. This is included in the price of the program and guarantees your spot in the class. You may cancel within 7 days of registration and within 2 days after the start of your class (Start of class includes official start date of 9/9/16). You will get a refund minus the cost of the registration fee. No refunds made past 2 days after the start of the class.

Requests must be made in writing, and emailed or contact us for our mailing address. Emergency cancellations will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.