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Below you will find links to articles, groups, IPNB practitioners, and more. This page will be updated every few months. Many sources are directly aligned with resilience. Others will assist in effective leadership coaching and development. Many offer coaching styles that range from life to career to executive to health and to leadership. From time to time free lessons or partial lessons will also be added. Always remember to scroll down for all resources.

Associations and Learning Portals

  • OD Network (Organization Development Network)
  • ASTD (American Society of Training and Development)
  • SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)
  • NHRA  (National Human Resource Association)
  • GAINS (Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Society)
  • Library of Professional Coaching (Very good source for case studies, articles and more)
  • NeuroPsychoTherapist
  • The Neuropsychotherapist - The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

Under Sustainable & Corporate Responsibility Options/Items:



Your Amazing Brain

Stepping into Shallows – Excerpts from Workshop from Jessi on Vimeo.

IPNB – Inspired Practitioners:

Margie Chance, LPC

Heart Centered Psychotherapy
Portland, OR



Debra Pearce-McCall
Psychotherapy and Coaching
Portland, OR



Jessi LaCosta, BCC
Jessi LaCosta, MA, BCC
BlueRio Strategies. She is is driven to transform lives through Brand-Centered Sustainability™ – empowering individuals and organizations to build healthy, effective and sustainable platforms for personal and professional success. Executive Coaching, Leadership, Coach Training, Conflict Resolution



Becky Campbell, BCC
The idea of combining coaching with health of the planet-people, planet, profit is inspiring. • 619-347-2491


Joseph Almond,CMEC

Joseph Almond is an Army Veteran, Author, Speaker and Coach. He provides customized keynotes, coaching and training programs. Joseph has been praised for his ability to link people and productivity to company profitability. His expertise in diversity and inclusion leadership and transformation has assisted numerous organizations.


Mark Edmead
MTE Advisors
Leadership, Organizational Development, Training and Development, Expert Facilitation
Palm Desert, CA



JeanMarie Reynolds is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Coach, in the State of Missouri. She has a 20 year background in the corporate arena, and in 1998 changed careers and became a professional counselor. She has found “that the fields of counselling and coaching have brought me the opportunity to transform myself, my world view, and my own sense of pursing my dharma. I thoroughly enjoy walking along side others as they make changes in their own lives, to pursue their passions, live their joy, and pass that on to the people in their lives.” See her profile at LinkedIN


Kathleen Polscer M.S., LPC

I work as an Executive Coach as well as a Personal Life Coach to enhance and improve your resiliency and self efficacy in helping you achieve your goals.
Counseling Solutions, LLC, PO Box 820092, Portland, Oregon 97282, 503-963-8800,



 Lawyers/Mediators/Conflict Resolution

Marc LaneMarc J. Lane, a nationally recognized business and tax attorney and a socially responsible investment advisor, practices law in Chicago. Marc drafted Illinois’ L3C law; teaches the Social Enterprise course at Northwestern University School of Law; and chairs both the Chicago chapter of Social Enterprise Alliance and the State of Illinois’ Task Force on Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise.


Local Alternative Source for healing: The Indigo Life Center


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