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“What  Jessi LaCosta offers is a path to self reflection and healing, whether you are a CEO or a clerk in a store.  And as a participant, along with Jessi, You are participating in bringing peace and hope to our world.” Rebecca Campbell, MAC, BCC


a1bRestore, Transform and Thrive, is a personal Learning Safari held through Namibia Health Tourism. This life coaching retreat inspires you to build your personal purpose and live a more resilient life. There are limited slots for this new, profound journey in Namibia (10 people total, with double-occupancy/shared rooms).

As an intimate group, together we will explore the richness of our lives against the backdrop of Namibia—a country filled with a landscape of contrasts, nature and beauty—and leave with a renewed sense of hope, opportunities and strategies for life. 5 days and 6 nights. October 16–22, 2016,

The main focus of this retreat is to Find and Define your personal purpose, unveil your personal brand as a means to express that purpose and uncover and develop improved life-planning strategies. This life coaching retreat and renewal vacation allows you to find renewal and rejoice in all you are and can be.

Perfect for:

  • Professionals needing a supportive safe place to recharge
  • Individuals in life and career transitions
  • Couples wanting to grow together and learn to overcome challenges
  • Those seeking a vacation that offers more than just pretty pictures
  • Anyone who seeks to improve life-management skills and access more happiness and hope

Held in an upscale, ungocheique health & wellness lodge and retreat in Namibia, Southern Africa through Namibia Health Tourism …

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October 16–22, 2016 – 5 days, 6 nights

During this journey:

  • You will gain a clearer picture of your life’s mission and how to “track” your purpose.
  • Improve your capability to approach difficult decisions and challenging experiences with the skills and clarity to move forward.

Program includes:

  • Transportation from the airport to the lodge,
  • Luxury accommodations at reputable lodge – [double-occupancy]
  • 3 meals per day (with one exception during a trip into the city)
  • Star-gazing at night
  • Game Drives for an up close experience with the wildlife,
  • Options for spa treatment
  • Guided tour of the nearby the city
  • Private coaching sessions during the trip and 2 more within 60 days after the trip
  • Private time to  unwind and enjoy your surroundings
  • A private, supportive online forum for you and your program peers to engage for 90 days following the trip
  • Launch Price =  $5700 per person (double-occupancy/shared rooms) + Airfare – early bird discount – $5500 per person
  • Down-payment of $1250 to save spot.
    ***Safari/Vacation Retreat  caps at 10 people and has a minimum of 6.
  • Since there is a MINIMUM attendance required – after placing deposit – please check with organizer before purchasing your flight.

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DETAILS: Cost of program is $5700(+ airfare)

  • Early bird pricing: EXTENDED make your deposit by July 1 and price is $5500 per person (double-occupancy/shared room) + airfare
  • Required deposits of  $1250.00 per person of which there is a is a NON-Refundable Processing Fee of $150
  • All deposits must be made by July 15, 2016
  • Minimum of 50% of the full  program fee is due by August 15, 2016.
  • Payment in full is due by September 1, 2016
  • Since there is a MINIMUM attendance required – after placing deposit – please check with organizer before purchasing your flight.

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance ( medical + trip) for this program.

Knowing you has made such a difference in how I approach things. I realize that being open and even though we might think something that we know is going to happen –  doesn’t happen – well that doesn’t negate the experience but actually gives us a reason to go into the next experience with anticipation.  I think anticipation is beautiful as we are the only species who can pretty much anticipate what will happen or worry about it in the future we can use it for our benefit or to hurt ourselves. You have a very open mind and a process and the resources that you have are just astronomical. You come in different areas and find a multitude of unique resources I just can’t tell you how many I have used! I really appreciate your openness to everything! Thank you so much.”   JS


Refund policy below:

  • Cancellation 4 weeks before program (9/18/16)– refund of 75% of the full fee
  • Cancellation within 3 weeks –(9/25/16) refund of 50% of the full fee
  • Cancellation within 2 weeks – (10/2/16) refund of 40% of the full fee
  • Cancellation within 1 weeks – (10/16/16) refund of 10% of the full fee


Profound Journey – Restore, Transform and Thrive, Down-Payment
Price: $1,250.00

life coach retreat

ENROLL NOW – PAY in FULL – Early Bird Discount:

Profound Journey – Restore, Transform and Thrive, Full Payment, Early Bird
Price: $5,500.00