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BlueRio Strategies, LLC has its main purpose to transform communities, organizations, and individuals through innovative personal and professional development. It also aims to make a social impact effort through research & development, low-fee and free services to community partners and individuals in need. 

Jessi LaCosta, Founder The Institute is the educational arm of BlueRio Strategies, LLC. As its founder, I offer affordable expertise and support. For the organization or business, this covers MANY areas but focuses mostly on developing or retooling systems to function at healthy, effective levels and to manifest successful, cultures that are based on the organization’s DNA or brand. Cultures in alignment with the company’s brand and mission/vision become highly effective organizations with strong employee commitment. For the individual, I collaborate to develop and define strategic plans that align the personal brand with actionable steps to achieve the desired end-results as well as coach them in specific areas for growth.

The methods used are based on 19+ years of experience in communication theory, organization development, marketing/branding, facilitation, coaching methodologies and the cross-section of the relationships and brain/mind science. (Interpersonal Neurobiology.) One of the main premises underscoring most of the development work is Brand-Centered Sustainability™.

Training • Facilitation • Coaching • Program Management
• Brand and Reputation Management • Keynote Speaking

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