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Social Entrepreneur and Nonprofit Partner to Fill a Gap in Service Members’ Support Needs

Chapel Hill, NC 3/11/16: Jessi LaCosta, founder of BlueRio Strategies, announces a new partnership with Stop Soldier Suicide, a national nonprofit headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Stop Soldier Suicide is the first national civilian not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing active duty and Veteran suicide. BlueRio Strategies offered the first Center for Credentialing and Education [CCE], BCC-approved coach certification training in the country to offer curriculum specifically designed to equip coaches and other professionals with evidence-based, leading-edge techniques and strategies to assist military veterans (and their spouses/partners) in transitioning into the civilian sector with dignity, focus, purpose, and planning.

BlueRio Strategies and Stop Soldier Suicide seek to work together to improve the quality of service for Veterans provided by caseworkers and case managers in Stop Soldier Suicide’s resource center. BlueRio Strategies will deliver a program with specialized training in life and career mapping, as well as BCC-approved coach certification training for staff, volunteers, and interns. Stop Soldier Suicide was founded by ex-Army and Active-Duty Soldiers to bring awareness to, and actively curb, the growing suicide epidemic among past and present Service Members. The founders believe we all have a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in arms who suffer from physical as well as the deepest invisible wounds of war BEFORE they feel their only choice is taking their own lives. Their mission and vision align very well with Jessi LaCosta and BlueRio Strategies in terms of engaging like-minded professionals in order to make deep impact on the community we live in and supporting a world that manifests success through civility, compassion, strategy, and sustainability.

I am extremely excited about our partnership with BlueRio Strategies! By providing our caseworkers and case managers professional training and certification in life and transition coaching, we have significantly improved the quality of case management services for our Veterans. I look forward to working together with BlueRio to discover the best practices for coaching our Veterans to achieve the empowerment and quality of life they deserve!” Jason Roncoroni, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S., Army (Retired), Executive Director of Stop Soldier Suicide

About BlueRio Strategies:
Jessi LaCosta, founder, is a social entrepreneur, Board Certified Coach, professional speaker, and seasoned facilitator. She focuses on fostering leadership potential and maximizing resiliency in individuals and organizations. BlueRio Strategies and its Hawk Collaborative offer BCC-approved full certification programs as well as continuing education programs that are steeped in robust, immersive learning, lecture-based as well as intuitive, responsive, and collaborative instruction. The foundation of most courses follow theories and applications stemming from IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology) Strengths-Based Development, Brand-Centered Sustainability© and Resilience Building. For more about Jessi LaCosta:

About Stop Soldier Suicide:
The mission of Stop Soldier Suicide, LLC (SSS), is to end Service Member and Veteran suicide. The vision of SSS is an established, comprehensive, trusted network of individuals, resources, and solutions responsive to the complex needs of Veterans from any generation, capable of anticipating and mitigating suicide risk factors, and able to promote resilience, inspire hope, and encourage personal growth and empowerment for our Veterans and their families. For media inquiries:



BlueRio Strategies and its Hawk Collaborative offer Sage Solutions for Social Impact. and

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