Congratulations!  You may now use any of the attached logos. (updated 9/7/19)

You may now officially refer yourself as any of the following:

  • BlueRio Certified Professional Coach
  • BlueRio Certified Coach
  • BlueRio CLRC
  • CLRC
  • Certified Leadership & Resilience Coach
  • Certified Coach; Specializing in Leadership, Resilience and Capacity Building

You should be able to click on thumbnails BELOW and on the next page that comes up, right click and save your logos.

Also should you want/need a small summary of the program you may use ALL of this or a portion of this:

Lead and Thrive. Grounded in traditional and innovative coaching approaches, underpinnings of IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology) and Brand-Centered Sustainability, this program trains professionals to support the growth of leadership and the fostering of resilience in individuals, teams and organizations. Lead and Thrive is acknowledged by:

  • CCE for its BCC (Board Certified Coach designation as well as CEUs)

LeadThriveCert-logoBlueRio's Lead and Thrive Logo