For Choice Readers Part 4





Part 4: Foundations – Inner Force and Accountability

Case Studies ( Brief recaps)

It is hard to tell the private stories of clients – so I will offer some quick recaps here to illuminate how &/or why Landscaping can help – and how connecting service-members and their families to their inner-force and their own accountability for their future is crucial to success. All names have been changed to protect their anonymity.



“Phil” had transitioned from the military.

He had several options for occupations based on his interests and experiences: Real estate, Financial Planning, Mechanics and Coaching. Family did not understand his choices, he felt a lack of support and direction.


  • Conducted initial intake,
  • Discussed goals
  • Discussed ideas
  • Discussed challenges.
  • As a coach I wanted to support his discovery of inner force and true potential.


  • Landscaping – looking at all options, limitations and who is affected by each of his career choices in the present, near future and far-off future.
  • Assessments
  • Coaching with homework assigned
  • Personal Branding and Messaging
  • Phil agreed to take three assessments one focused on interests, one on communication styles and one that I am VERY fond of using with veterans – the VAL (The Values Arrangement List for Individuals)
  • Phil did some research together we agreed upon.

Results: Phil realized his values were strong when it came to service, wealth, family and autonomy. He also took a strategic and decisive view of his current – near future and far-off future landscape and saw this as his new plan:

  • While he had skills in mechanical work – they did not align – even closely with his values or interests.
  • Phil was very adept at financial planning and loved helping people.
  • In reality – he was not retiring with enough benefits to support his family and launching a coaching practice just did not fit well with his immediate 360 views. He would need to be certified to be a Financial Planner.
  • Phil had gotten his Real Estate license while on Active Duty.
  • Phil chose to work part-time for a real estate company –and measure his results.

He would volunteer giving real estate advice and coaching to other service-members and test the waters for what it may be to either start a coaching practice that focuses on helping Service Members (Active and Veterans) make real estate purchases or move full-time in Real Estate and using coaching as a tool to help his clients.  Together we worked on his messaging of his value in his choices to his family. (We also did some personal branding – however that is not discussed in this recap as I believe the landscaping was instrumental in his career direction choice.)

Phil had his inner-force energized and set-up goals to stay accountable. Listen below to recap (approx 8 minutes)


Next Case Study:

“Selina” had transitioned from the military quite some time ago.

  • Read many books on affirmations and positive thinking
  • Not a lot of support – lesbian, minority, veteran and past disappointment trusting others to guide her –wanted to do this on her own; wanted very much to connect her passion with a stable career and improve her life.


  • Conducted initial intake
  • Discussed goals (grow her business, manage her time better, be self-sufficient)
  • Discussed current career (self-employed)
  • Discussed challenges (self-esteem waivered, finances were an issue, had a small child to support)

**As a coach I wanted to support her re-discovery of inner force and true potential and be VERY clear on current limitations since time, money and the safety and stability of her family was at stake.


  • Landscaping – looking at all options, limitations and who is affected by her opportunities and her limitations as she continued to try to grow her business – in the present, near future and far-off future.
  • Assessments
  • Coaching Through Acceptance™ model – (yet infusing landscaping)
    Take In/Take Hold • Reframe/Release
  • Selena and I co-designed exercises and challenges to address the following:
    •   self-esteem
    • time-management
    • communication
    • Understanding which assignments aligned with her needs – which ones to turn away or turn down.
    • Also took the VAL (The Values Arrangement List for Individuals).


  • Selena realized her triggers when seeking new clients.
  • Instead of aligning with her passions and talents – acquiring clients the way she did, took too much time, increased stress and did not allow her to feel the confidence about the talents she DID believe she had.
  • Continuing on this path was not stable – may be in the far off future – but not in the present or near future.
  • Acceptance of certain limitations and certain self-defeating behaviors allowed freedom to move into a modified direction.
  • Acceptance – not resignation about what TRULY aligned with her needs, wants and abilities lit the match.
  • Letting go of what did not serve her released much of the anxiety.
  • Selena landed what appeared to be a stable and lucrative position. Within 4 months she understood it not to be the case.

The groundwork had been set.

  • Her inner force had been initiated – and now she could be accountable to her choices from a realistic standpoint
  • She successfully landed a new position. She has been there for 2 years and has also launched a second business with a partner – now that her ability to realize her vision of self-employment is more realistic.Listen to more here: (Approx 10 minutes)