LMC – Foundation AND Focuses

Life Map Coaching Foundation & Focuses

FUTURE Offerings: ($1997 for BCC Approved 60-hour)

***At this time we are not sure when this course will be available as we are fine tuning a few lessons to be more relevant to 2019 practioners.  Our hope is that we can offer a virtual self-paced version in early summer. Please feel free to contact for more information.

Once you  have mastered the core – [IF YOU CHOOSE 60-hour version] you will choose one focus from those below: And this means the core is PART of the 60-hour course.


First learn the core foundation of professional life coaching – also called Life Map coaching and develop a deep sense of understanding about yourself as well as others in terms of designing purposeful blueprints for living in a way that aligns with skills, strengths, values, visions and missions.

Then enhance your learning by additional lessons in one of the following five areas:

  • Individual and Family Dynamics
  • Personal Branding
  • Mindfulness
  • Veteran Transition (new)
  • Career Coaching

• Individual & the Family Dynamics focus = Explore areas such as: Appreciating diversity within a social and family context, effective communications – all with a goal of moving an individual and family members to healthier, effective and productive lives.

• Personal Branding for Clients = Explore history of branding, personal branding and communicating through a brand, IACEE model and strategies for harnessing a personal brand to propel a client’s life forward.

• Mindfulness & IPNB = Explore basic brain functions, domains of integration, a mindful approach to caring for self as the coach and ways to enhance clients’ coaching through mindfulness

Veteran Transition = Explore the basic tenants of “military mindset” and the challenges and opportunities that arise when US military Service members transition into the civilian sector. (this is a less robust version of our 60 hour Military Focused program)

Career Coaching = Explore various techniques to assist clients choose careers, and/or manage their professional lives.

Lessons Overview: (This is NOT an exhaustive list and does not substitute for the full syllabus.)

  • Coaching History & Definition of Coaching
  • Process of Screening and Orientation: client motivation level, informed consent, coach and client roles etc.
  • Ethical and Professional Practice in coaching
    Codes of ethics, advocacy, understanding professional practice of coaching
  • Fundamental coaching Skills: Building a basic coaching alliance, creating coaching plans, facilitate client development of decision-making skills etc.
  • Assessments – Using formal and informal tools and inventories to examine clients’ strengths, values,  Assist client in identifying issues that may influence the client’s goals (intro to neuroscience)
  • Coaching roles in the context of organizational work

The core focus of the training is to inspire, educate and empower people to use coaching as vehicle to assist others.


60-hour Foundation and Focus: ($1997 for Independent Study when available)


  1. Either One-one-One role-play with instructor: Two, 45-minute virtual sessions or send in 1 – 3 recorded calls with client or peer totaling 90 minutes – you as coach
    • Exams: You must pass three exams (coaching, communication and conflict, final)
    • Client Coaching: You are required to demonstrate proof of 8 hours of client coaching
    • Additional Assignments:

    Discussion Posts (Found Under Activities Tab and Discussions) Answers/posting to a minimum of 8-discussion topic posts (10 -12 available from which to choose)

    Homework Assignments (Found Under Activities Tab and Assignments)

    1. Four Separate Assignments (Circle of Life, Strengths, Priority, Planning)
    2. Approximately 5 interactive/experiential assignments related to specific focus
    3. Submit signed Code of Ethics
    4. Submit proof of coaching form

Lessons Overview: (This is NOT an exhaustive list and does not substitute for the full syllabus.)

for the focuses:

 Family Dynamics Focus:

  • Family Systems Theory  (overview)
  • Communication Lesson
  • Things that affect family dynamics – finance, education, employment Cultural Diversity, etc.
  • Problem-Solving
  • Values

Personal Branding Focus:

  • History of branding/What is a personal brand
  • IACCE lesson
  • Using SOAR or SWOT for Strategy Building,
  • Surveys Surveys to help measure others’ perception
  • Creating a Platform for Messaging of Personal Brand

Mindfullness and IPNB

  • Brain, IPNB & Domains of Integration
  • Wheel of awareness
    Mindfulness (Basic)
  • Practices to take Clients through to Utilize Mindfulness in Coaching

COSTS? Program is valued at $2500. Introductory cost at $1997 for the 60 hour version – online self-study.

There will be limited slots – approximately 20 -25 total. Please contact for more information. To ensure that this is a good fit for the participant’s goals and expectations – at this time we encourage you to contact the founder for a 15-20 minute conversation. You may also call Jessi LaCosta at 984-377-3699. Enrollment for the 60-hour will open sometime in the Summer (most likely July) at the special launch price. Please mention the course name when calling: Life Map – Foundation and Focuses.