Our site will be going through some major overhauls during June and July. If you are interested in a course that is not on this page AND/OR having trouble enrolling, please contact us so we can ensure you are able to move forward with the purchase or placed on a waiting list for when the course does open. In an effort to streamline viewing all the courses, we have omitted details. Please review the course pages for things like cancellation policies etc.

Also due to the content and additional tools, programs are not always priced per hour earned. However, as a rule of thumb, most of our full certification courses are priced between $35 – $50 per training hour and most of our continuing education courses for BCCs are priced between $15 – $25 per training hour.

The purchasing system used will take you through 3 steps. Right before finalizing your purchase you will see an option to pay securely with a credit card OR by using Pay Pal. It will be your choice as to your payment method.  At this time we do not accept checks.

Also – for any of the virtual or online courses with the exception of the Golden – please ensure you can access the main portal using your devices. Haiku/Powerlearning Portal.

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As of 7/12/19:

  1. BlueRio & the Golden – Now Open for Enrollment (100% online)
  2. Bluerio Life-Mapping (military-focused) Tracks A – Independent Study – Contact for enrollment invoice
  3. Certified Life Map Coach Training: Foundation (30 hour) Certified Life Map Coach Training: NOW open –
  4. Coaching Through Acceptance – 100% online – available
  5. Ethics for CCE Board Certified Coaches – 100% online – available
  6. Lead and Thrive – Leadership & Resilience Coach Certification, 36 & 60-hour versions. Independent online self-study  *on-site retreat possible for Spring
  • Expected future BCC CEU courses include the following topics:
    • Survive and Thrive ( resilience – self-paced – expected launch by August 5, 2019)
    • The VAL (an assessment training – possibly live &/or self-paced  100% virtual -Date TBD)
    • Cracking the Code of Addiction (guest lecturer – mid-late Summer)
    • Individual & Family Dynamics (self-paced, Fall)
    • Personal Branding (self-paced, Fall)
    • Career Coaching (self-paced, Fall)
    • A Mind on Mindfulness ( basics – self-paced, Fall)


 Also – For Board Certified Coaches seeking online, self–study training please scroll below regarding current offerings. Also – for anyone needing clarification on BCC CE requirements – please visit their site: www.cce-global.org/Credentialing/BCC/CE (this may take you to another site via TAB or new page in your browser) or you may download documents here by click the links below.


BlueRio & Golden Personality Profiler – Certification and BCC CEU Training

Administered worldwide by schools and organizations in all industries, the Golden Personality Profiler is the most in-depth personality assessments available.

BlueRio and Golden teamed up to offer this training course.  It amounts to roughly 15 – 25 hours depending on how much you contribute and the CEUs that will be offered will be 17. 

BlueRio & Golden Personality Profiler Assessment Certification Course + CEUs Bundled with CEUs for CCE-Board Certified Coaches. Personality Assessment Tool Certification.
Price: $500.00 Summer Sale- 10% off – only $450 through the end of July.

BlueRio’s Life-Map Coach Training – Military Focused -Robust Program.


$1900 with discounts for nonprofits, service members, military spouses, and partners.

To ensure that this is a good fit for your goals and expectations – at this time we encourage you to contact the founder for a 15-20 minute conversation. Please mention Life Map Coach Training – Track A. You may also call Jessi LaCosta at 984-377-3699.

Life Map Coaching – FOUNDATION: 30 hours



This course lays a foundation for coaches to helpo clients to design sustainable lives, based on identifying purpose and having an alignment with values and skills.  This training has been developed to meet all core competencies that the Center for Credentialing and Education requires for those who wish to earn an ADDITIONAL designation as a Board Certified Coach. This is NOT a mandatory path, however many choose to pursue it. Life Map Coach Training and Certification – 30 BCC approved Hours Foundation on sale for $1100 ($100 off through the end of August, 2019.)

Life Map Coach Training and Certification – 30 BCC approved Hours Foundation On sale for the summer $1000


Life Map Coaching Foundation & FocusesLife Map Coaching – 60 hours – Foundation and Focuses

At this time we are not sure when this course will be available as we are fine tuning a few lessons to be more relevant to 2019 practioners. The goal is for Summer – probably July or August.

The first approximate 30 hours of lessons involve the Core Coaching = Explore various techniques to assist clients to choose careers, and/or manage their professional lives. After that, each participant chooses ONE Focus.

Focuses include:

• Individual & the Family Dynamics focus = Explore areas such as: Appreciating diversity within a social and family context, effective communications – all with a goal of moving an individual and family members to healthier, effective and productive lives.

• Personal Branding for Clients = Explore history of branding, personal branding and communicating through a brand, IACEE model and strategies for harnessing a personal brand to propel a client’s life forward.

• Mindfulness & IPNB = Explore basic brain functions, domains of integration, a mindful approach to caring for self as the coach and ways to enhance clients’ coaching through mindfulness

Veteran Transition = Explore the basic tenants of “military mindset” and the challenges and opportunities that arise when US military Service members transition into the civilian sector. (this is a less robust version of our 60-hour Military Focused Track A program)

• Career Coaching = Explore various techniques to assist clients choose careers, and/or manage their professional lives.


Coaching Through AcceptanceCoaching Through Acceptance™ (BCC-Designed CEU Course)


Coaching Through Acceptance – 12 CEUS (e-learning)  You may purchase now and enter course later – yet within 45 days of purchase. Once you enter course portal you have six months from that date to complete your coursework.

Coaching Through Acceptance – E-Learning, Self-Paced, Earns 12 CEUs

Price: $180.00


Ethic CEUs For BCCs:

BlueRio’s Basic Ethics Review for BCC Coaches.

This 100% self-paced course offers a basic review regarding the Center for Credentialing and Education, Code of Ethics that are to be followed by Board – Certified Coaches. It is designed to meet the requirements of earning 4 CEUs (plus 1).

BCC Ethics – 5 CEUs
Price: $53.00 (Scroll down and click Add to Cart)
BCC Ethics – 5 CEUs
Price: $53.00


BlueRio's Lead and Thrive Logo



Lead and Thrive: A Leadership and Resilience Coach Certification Program.

Beyond offering foundations for understanding and refining your coaching process, this course offers deeper insight into Resilience and Leadership.

If you are unsure which number of training hours you need, contact the founder Jessi LaCosta 984-377-3699. At this time we are only offering independent study, 100% online (virtual) delivery – due to open no later than July 15, 2019.

36 hours =   Valued at – $1400 – Launch Price (Independent Study) will be $1200 for a limited time

60 hours =   Valued at – $2400 – Launch Price (Independent Study) will be $1900 for a limited time

NEW!! Limited Slots at VERY special price for  participants who can enroll and begin their course no later than September 15, 2019.  Up to 50% off! 

(40% off 36 hours, 50% off of 60 hours)

  • 36-hour enrollment must be paid in full before beginning
  • 60-hour enrollment may be paid in 2 installments, 50% before beginning, the other 50% within the next 90 days.

Save your slot now for only $200!!

Lead & Thrive Coach Certification -Save Slot
Price: $200.00


Center for Credentialing and Education

CCE Board Certified Coach





BlueRio Institute is a CCE-approved coach training provider for the following BCC-Approved courses:

    • Lead and Thrive: A Leadership and Resilience Certification—36/60/120 hours (Live and/or Distance)
    • BlueRio’s (Military) Life Map Coach Training: Transition & Development for Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families—60 hours (Live and/or Distance)
    • Life-Map Coaching Foundation – 30 hours
    • Life-Map Coaching Foundation and Focuses (Family Dynamics, Personal Branding, Mindfulness and IPNB)  (60 hours)
    • Former: BlueRio’s Hawk Eye Certified Veteran Development Coaching Training–35/60 hours (Live and/or Distance)



THINK BlueRio and its BlueRio Institute do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, sexual preference, or national and ethnic origin in administration of its admission procedures, grading and coaching.


Classroom Demeanor & Courtesy –

Classroom Demeanor & Courtesy – Because students may not share the same opinions in many courses, it is important that we remember to respect the opinions and ideas of others.  A platform of respect and conscientiousness for all is crucial in order to accomplish our goals.  We are not in any course to judge others for insight and opinions we do not share. Any harsh criticisms or demeaning behaviors will not be tolerated.  In addition, THINK BlueRio and its instructors have the right to remove any students who disobey the policies and procedures, are not willing to complete requirements and have not made attempts to remedy the situation of concern with representatives of BlueRio Strategies.

Any student of BlueRio training courses has the right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement, including issues of grades or material access.  Initial steps are outlined below:

The disagreement must be submitted in writing. The curriculum itself is nonrefundable – however if a student has just cause to believe the curriculum that was delivered was NOT what was promoted or described, or if a grade is considered to be unfair the student may request a review.

BlueRio requires at least 72 hours to make an initial response and may need up to thirty days to offer any final resolution. It will be first presented to the volunteer board of advisors. If a resolution is not satisfactory to both parties, mediation will be considered.