Coaching Through Acceptance©

Coaching Through Acceptance is a “must” for beginning, experienced coaches. Jessi provides research and theory with practical applications of all the concepts presented. In addition, you are able to choose areas that resonate with your learning. Thank you for a wonderful experience…” Sandra M. Schiff, Ph.D.


Course overview:

In this course,  explore various ways to handle challenging situations when needing to accept a certain point in time. This course that includes online lessons & an *online discussion forum,  intends to create a foundation that inspires brainstorming to develop a mindful, yet strong and focused intention for the future that may be another approach for fulfillment.

Coaching Through Acceptance Offers:

A place of online learning that gives you PDF lessons, a discussion board, video and audio lessons as well, all available within a private website learning portal.  The testimonial below refers to the original format. The new format includes 90% of the same lessons – yet does not include the live webinars.


  • To review theories, approaches to helping people in places of challenge or decision-making.
  • To examine various ideas on positive thinking/strength-based approaches and the notion of ACCEPTANCE.
  • To explore (through lessons and discussion board) various life experiences (emotional, neurobiological or external) that may affect HOW a person arrives at a decision – feeling of being stuck – accepting or rejecting current situation/opportunity or challenge
  • To review ETHICS for coaches as the CCE/BCC deems them appropriate

 Course outcomes:

  • Refine personal coaching styles that empower, guide and co-facilitate client-directed change
  • Refresh knowledge &/or obtain new insight around concept of Acceptance and modalities to help people move past feelings of being stuck
  • Refresh knowledge &/or obtain new insight for helping people in decision-making circumstances that use realistic, inspired and positive strategies and plans
  • Access forms and templates to use with coaching clients
  • Introduction/Access to new model to use with clients, Coaching Through Acceptance™
  • Upon completion of requirements -digital certificate of 12 CEUs earned including 4 in Ethics

CEUs earned  = 12  units/credit (includes 4 from ethics)

SCHEDULE: Rolling enrollment – may enroll at any time.
Students are inspired to complete course-work within three months window – and will have access to the portal for six months once they enter. Students MUST start course within 30 days of the date of purchase. (Cancellation information is at the bottom of this page)

**Activity of discussion forum will depend on how many are enrolled at any given time – however all participants will get feedback from the instructor.

I really appreciate learning about the role of acceptance. I can relate to the case study of Client A, where coaching clients can go between “dwelling” on the past or getting stuck and “indulging” on future aspirations without tangible or stable movement. I think the missing link is acceptance. Most of us do not want to accept a negative past or present; or I’ll have clients unable to stop blaming things in the past. I think acceptance from an objective, neutral mindset is really pivotal, and will be that next stepping stone into moving forward with permanency.”  Connie Sheehan


This Continuing Education Training Program for Coaches Holding BCC Credentials Meets CCE/BCC Requirements in the following areas:

  • Fundamental Coaching Skills: These coaching work behaviors focus on the basic coaching alliance, helping skills, coaching plans and other essential issues concerning the coaching process.
  • Assessment: These coaching work behaviors assess coaching goals, client strengths and specific issues concerning the coaching process.
  • Approaches for Individuals: These coaching work behaviors pertain to specific skills aimed at facilitating the client’s desired goals during the coaching process and include monitoring client progress, decision-making and use of resources.
  • Ethical and Professional Practice: These coaching work behaviors focus on codes of ethics, advocacy, continuing education and personal barriers to the coaching process. (4 credits of the total credits earned)

12 CEUS (includes 4 ethics) = PAUSED

Since much of the material is optional – the course offers approx 17 hours worth of learning materials – yet only 12 hours of this is required – so more than 5+ hours of bonus information.



  • Complete all of Module 1 (Required Readings, Video and Audio lessons)
    and a choice of 3 lessons from many Readings, Video and Audio lessons in Module 2.
  • Discussion Posts:
    • You are expected to actively participate in this area.  A total of 2 response posts are required – they can be original responses to the teacher’s topic or responses to other participants. These posts relate to the lessons required in Module 1 and module 2. Since the class is now rolling participants may or may not be active during the same time you are enrolled.
  • Exams:
    • Two Online Exams. An alternative to the online exams may be offered.


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