BlueRio’s Foundational IA© model: (Inquiry Into Accountability)

What is our Process or our Model?

It’s about empowering, inspiring and growing!  It’s about bringing insight, vision and support.

While it is not really simple – It is REALLY powerful. This process unlocks people’s potential. Practitioners remove barriers to success while uncovering hidden strengths so that people can move their visions from dreams to reality.

Grounded in BlueRio Strategies’ IA Coaching Model©,  most of our courses utilize theories and practical applications stemming from strength-based development, positive psychology, Interpersonal neurobiology as well as branding.

The methodology and steps follow established theory and protocols for personal and professional development coaching. As with many coaching engagements, these steps are provided as guidelines. Coaching is a dynamic and fluid development process.  Keeping that in mind, there are some basic initial parameters to follow when beginning or initiating a coaching engagement.

BlueRio’s Foundational IA© coaching model: (Inquiry Into Accountability) These stages stem from the intention to create sound, strategic and sustainable platforms for growth and development.



  • IA: Inquire & Acknowledge
  • AI: Assess & Initiate
  • IA: Implement & instill Accountability