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The entire course is 100% online (virtual) and self-paced. 17 BCC CEUs

Thanks Jessi! I enjoyed the course as it was very beneficial and enlightening. I appreciate all of your insights and input, and most of all your spirit.”  Rodney Page, BCC

The Golden r version 5.0

UPDATE: Golden LLC has almost completed its  large-scale update to its online education system making needed improvements and reflecting insight and suggestions from past students.  We had intendd to sell this course end of September/Early October, however BlueRio is currently affected by the Aftermath of Hurricane Michael. NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!!!!

Administered worldwide by schools and organizations in all industries, the Golden Personality Profiler is the most in-depth personality assessments available. BlueRio Strategies and Golden LLC teamed up to offer this training course.  It amounts to roughly 20 – 25 hours depending on how much you contribute and the CEUs that will be offered will be 17.

Once you complete all requirements you will also have access to a special account through Golden LLC with at least 9 assessments free for you to use for clients before purchasing more.

Areas examined include:

  • Energy – Extraverting vs Introverting
  • Information – Sensing vs iNtuiting
  • Deciding – Thinking vs Feeling
  • Controlling – organiZing vs Adapting
  • Stressing – Tense vs Calm

“The Golden is so much more than just a Jungian personality type test. The Golden is a universal personality tool that combines five of the most widely accepted and respected theories of personality, including the five factor, trait, temperament, general adaptation/stress and Jung’s psychological type theory into one comprehensive and elegant model. These theories are reported in the form of the five global scales and 38 facet scales of the Golden.

The Golden also achieves significant advances in personality assessment and measurement. Advanced item format and content, scoring methods, report content, support materials and training for the Golden all in an online format distances itself from other Jungian assessments, as well as all other assessments of personality.” Golden LLC

In a report from National Defense University wherein they describe their research based decision to utilize the Golden, aka Personality Profiler Instrument, in their proprietary assessment battery to achieve its Leadership Department Mission to Educate and develop strategic organizational and information age change agents to bring innovative thinking skills and approaches to the challenges of defining and resourcing our future national security strategy:  For the past 19 years the Golden has been the keystone assessment in their senior civilian and military leadership coaching program. 


The course (without CEUS) directly from Golden is valued at $499.00.  ***For those with a Master’s degree in Social Sciences  – certification is not required however CEUs are not provided. So this is a way to offer CEUs, PLUS training for everyone who has a BCC – including those who normally would have to purchase the training if they do not have the appropriate academic credentials. This course is also open to those without a BCC who would like the certification and possible CEUs for other professions. (Please check with your association to determine if these would meet their requirements)

Successful completion of the Golden online Certification Training program provides access to people who are not automatically qualified by their educational credentials to purchase the assessments published by both Golden LLC and Pearson Talent Assessment. In addition, Certification Training is recommended for anyone who wants to maximize their understanding and increase their effectiveness in using the Golden.

Price:  $500 and includes 10 assessment credits. **The value of other courses for similar assessments is more than $1000.  Successful completion of the course entitles students to purchase the Golden from Pearson Talent Assessment and/or Golden LLC.

Participants will be encouraged to complete the program within 6 months, earn their certificate and their CEUs. It is self-paced. Once you purchase this course you will have 45 days before you must access it.  The cost of the porgram is $500 and it includes 10 assessment credits upon completion. More information about the actual course is at the bottom of this page including the cancellation policy.



About the Instrument:

Golden Personality Type Profiler

Golden Personality Type Profiler (Dr. John P. Golden)

The Golden personality profiler version 5.0

Golden’s unique model powered by Jung’s psychological type, Thurston’s five factor model, Allport’s trait theory, Hippocrates temperament theory and Selye’s stress theory, offers deep insight into one’s personality, as well as affords the ability to understand others better, making the Golden the perfect tool to guide you or your clients to better answers and solutions for life’s most pressing challenges.1) Golden Personality Profiler v5.1

  • Measures, Personality Type, Traits, Temperament and Response to Stress
  • 5 Global Scales
  • 40 Facet Scales
  • Insights on career and major selection, team, leadership, stress management, coaching tips, personal development
  • 125 Questions/170 Scored Items
  • Advanced question/item format
  • Online Admin only
  • 25-30 minutes to complete
  • Ages 16 years plus
  • Free support materials, guides and technical manuals
  • Lifetime Zone B global membership organization available
  • Certification Level – B, online training available to meet qualification requirements

The Golden’s 5 Global Scales:

  • Energy – Extraverting vs Introverting
  • Information – Sensing vs iNtuiting
  • Deciding – Thinking vs Feeling
  • Controlling – organiZing vs Adapting
  • Stressing – Tense vs Calm

The Golden’s 38 Facet Scales:

Talkative, Socially Bold, Outgoing, Participative, Quiet, Reserved, Intimate, Reflective

Concrete, Practical, Conventional, Traditional, Abstract, Innovative, Visionary, Trend-setting

Rational, Autonomous, Analytic, Competitive, Empathetic, Compassionate, Warm, Nurturing

Planned, Reliable, Deliberate, Conforming, Open-Ended, Casual, Spontaneous, Non-conforming

Tense/Calm: Concerned, Unsure, Unsettled, Unconstrained, Optimistic, Confident, Resilient and regulated

Who Administers the Golden?

Counselors, Teachers, Professors, Coaches, Trainers, Therapists, Recruiters, Ministers, Managers, and Leaders. – Plus once you are certified to administer – you are granted a “Level B” rating to administer other instruments through Pearson.

The Golden Report Includes: (At approx. $27 – $30 per test/report – may be purchased after you have exhausted your 10 that are included with your enrollment)

  • 19 easy to interpret pages
  • In-depth personality type portraits
  • Two new tense calm facet scales – unsettled vs resilient
  • Advanced type predictions reporting scoring
  • Temperament portraits
  • Career and educational major suggestions
  • Stress portraits and management suggestions
  • Cardinal and central trait at a glance
  • Coaching tips and suggestions

Sample reports: – Newest Version
J Golden GPP v5.1 TM Report (Talent Report)
J Golden GPP 5.1 SD report (Self-Development Report)


You must enter the portal within 45 days of purchase. No refunds once you have entered the portal. While we encourage you to complete the course in 6 months, we understand that you may need more time.

Not only will you earn a Certification to administer the Assessment, you will gain Level B access to Pearson and the other assessments they offer. You will have a choice of purchasing the Golden Profiler through Pearson or directly through Golden. You will have lifetime access to Zone B – a collaboration and support portal and you will earn 17 CEUs towards your BCC CEU requirements and also collaborate with other participants as well as myself, Jessi LaCosta, BCC, award-winning coach and consultant.


The course is formatted in a linear method starting at Module 1 moving through Module 8. At the end of each module, you will click on a link provided inside the portal to access a discussion area. There you will see different topics.You must make at least one comment per module topic.( 8 posts) You will have to take a final exam through Golden LLC  to earn the full certification. Once you have taken your exams and met your minimum post, you will earn the 17 CEUs from BlueRio in the form of a digital certificate.


Tech Requirements: *Pad and iPhone User’s: The GPTPonline platform is built using iSpring’s online Learning Management System platform and requires Adobe’s Flash Player, one of the most widely used tools for delivering audio, video, and animation on the Internet.  Apple mobile IOS devices don’t support Flash.  If you purchase the Golden Certification Course or a Zone B membership and intend on completing the course on your iPhone or iPad the program will not be accessible.

Cookies:’s site uses cookies access to the Learning Modules require your Cookies setting to be enabled.

***It is likely that while you are enrolled you could see just one other student/participant or as many as 30. This entire course is online.  After you have earned your Golden Profiler Certification you are eligible to purchase this assessment tool for your clients/staff. Prices vary depending on volume. They start roughly at $26 per assessment.***Enrollment includes 10 assessment credits upon completion.

Due to the fact that this is a PARTNERSHIP with Golden LLC, we are unable to offer refunds once you enter the course. However, following purchase, you may cancel without penalty if request is received at least 21 days before your course begins or within 45 days of purchasing. No refunds are made after the course begins or after 45 days of purchase. Requests must be made in writing, and emailed or contact us for our mailing address.  **Emergency cancellations for those who withdraw after the course has begun and within the first two weeks may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. No refunds after student has been enrolled for 2 weeks or more.

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