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As a military spouse I wanted a way to support other spouses in a tangible way. By reminding me of academic material I learned in school, this program allowed me to see that I already had a solid foundation for coaching, but it filled in the gaps, like the differences between coaching and therapy, and setting a plan for client-directed, intense, short term coaching to help the client achieve a specific goal or move forward from their current space. I am now a competent, talented coach.” R.E.


Wanda Petty, CVDC“This course really helped me to locate myself within the transition. It’s so needed, and heartfelt. Jessi, is an instructor like none other I’ve none when it comes to passionately showing others how to assist others (particularly veterans)! I’m so glad to have had this experience. I know I’m a better coach now, because I have the Hawk Eye effect going on! Lol!”  Wanda Petty,  Retired Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army, AKA Sistah Soldier, Certified Coach




“This course (TRACK C)  provided a phenomenal amount of practical knowledge regarding the mindset of the veteran, and ways to guide vets to setting and reaching goals in the civilian world, which can be quite a culture shock for them if not adequately prepared.

I currently work with clients with addiction issues, through our family court system, and more and more veterans are coming through the program. JMR, LPC, BCC


Cleve Arrington, CVDC,
US Veteran


“Jessi is a top-shelf coach and motivator.

Equally important is her passion to improve the lives of all people, and especially our veterans. As a former Marine, who has studied leadership many times over, I have found the Hawk Eye Coach Training Program to be ONE of the best coaching programs that I have undergone. I plan to keep at the ready all of the tools from this program in my tool-box”.
——Semper Fi, Cleve Arrington, CVDC, US Veteran (Washington, DC)



TRACK B – “I enjoyed the professionalism of the course facilitator… the timely response is great and the information valuable to assist veterans with direction to attain gainful employment. I would add, this course has given me insight on how to be busy with the “right things” when it comes to coaching/mentoring techniques.” Manny Gongora – Goodwill


“After an intense experience at the echelon of Veterans Coach Training, it is hard to stand back and not want to dive right back from where I have just come.


Rupa Lahiri, CVDC, Life Coach
(Pune, India)

Forum discussions wrought with deep exchanges of thoughts, personal experiences and knowledge; study materials which just made us just want to delve further and further into the matter; assessments checking our learning from time to time; and vibrant webinars answering our deepest queries.

It never felt I am miles away from everyone else and I felt completely at home, everyone taking me under their wings and giving me a few of their own feathers to add to my own wings to fly. The passion to make a difference was fired further as we all felt we all had already made a difference to each other!

The entire course went smoothly with our teacher Jessi always patiently answering every query and always on our side to coach us to delve further so we give our best. I am proud to have taken this unique and one-of-a-kind Veterans Coach Training Program.”
–Rupa Lahiri, CVDC, Life Coach (Pune, India)




This TOTALLY comprehensive program goes far above and beyond what one would expect to cover in a 20 CEU program. If you want to provide exceptional services to Veterans, this is definitely the best investment you will ever make!  ….This program is definitely worth several times what I paid… and I feel very fortunate that I heard about it from CCE. —–Barbara J Kiernan Career Coach for UOP (Active Military and Veteran Students and Alumni) Track C Student


Patricia Rundblade, PR Life Pathways, CVDC,
Certified Life Enhancement Coach with a focus on PTSD and Relationships

The Hawk Eye training program enhanced and increased my knowledge base in areas of brain based learning and the impact of combat trauma on veterans so…

that I can best utilize my coaching abilities to help them achieve their goals professionally and personally as they transition and reintegrate into the civilian sector. I am a coach who is more equipped to provide assistance to our veterans who give so much for our freedom and protection as American citizens.
I highly recommend this program for anyone who desires to give back to those who give so much for our country.
—Patricia Rundblade,

In honor of a GREAT man, Keith Simons (April 26, 1954 – July 26, 2017) gave his all. May Keith’s family, friends, and colleagues find solace when possible in knowing the amazing mark he left wherever he went. BlueRio  – all those in Keith’s cohort – we miss him greatly. He was a good friend, a strong colleague, an AMAZING man. Thank you Keith for all you brought to us. You can learn more about Keith and his legacy here.


Keith – you will be missed  – you were a GREAT man.

Keith Michael Simons – 1954 – 2017

Some of the benefits I received in this program:

KEITH M. SIMONS, CVDC, President, Inspiring Excellence, LLC

  • Learning different theories of motivation and change.
  • Learning coaching skills of listening, using powerful questions and developing resonance and attunement with clients
  • Understanding potential obstacles that veterans may face in their efforts to reintegrate back into a civilian career and life.
  • Having a better understanding of the military experience to identify skills that are transferable to civilian careers.

Jessi La Costa is a fine teacher, facilitator, coach, mentor and mostly a dedicated, sincere, thoughtful, helpful and engaging human being. Everyone in our cohort brought value to the course through effective on-line chat-room postings. I am amazed at how Jessi was able to create and orchestrate an environment of trust, learning, communication, coaching and overall engagement by all in the cohort. I feel such a great sense of worldly connections to people not just across this country but from around the world as one member of our cohort is from India.”
—–KEITH M. SIMONS, CVDC, President, Inspiring Excellence LLC, Professional At Twin Cities Rise, (Former NFL player with the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Cardinals – (MN)