Train To Help Veterans, Service Members and their Families

We offer programs for veterans reintegrating into the civilian world as well as for the companies that hire them. We also train coaches to assist military-connected in life and career mapping. We are VERY proud we were the first in the USA to offer a CCE-BCC approved coach certification program to focus on this need.


Our new updated training suite includes self-paced, non-certification training, BCC-CEU self-paced study for coaches and a full coach certification program that will be available both in-person and on-line. The main focus is to train others in life-coaching that specializes in transition and development for Service Members, Veterans and Their Families.


BlueRio Strategies’ IA Coaching Model©,  utilizes theories and practical applications stemming from strength-based development, positive psychology, Interpersonal neurobiology as well as branding and knowledge of personal and professional transitions, to assist in uncovering a client’s best possible self.

This model is presented in most of the courses. Yet when focusing on those connected to the military, the curriculum has some small yet profound differences.



Mindful and Innovative, Life-Mapping Coach Training – Specializing in Transition and Development for Service Members, Veterans and Their Families.

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BlueRio Strategies is unique in its services and offers HIGH-CALIBER training. Hawk Eye and Life-Mapping Coaching AKA LMC programs train individuals (civilians and military) through a robust curriculum, empowering them to help veterans, reservists, guardsmen and their families successfully manage transitioning from the military to the civilian sector. It also sheds light on strategies and tools to help clients map out their lives with purpose, authenticity and accountability. Some refer to this type of coaching as transition coaching, life coaching or even as a veteran career readiness coaching. The training offers the foundation for graduates to assume any of these roles at varying levels.

I have included a 3 minute audio messages below to explain a bit more about the THREE DIFFERENT tracks you can enroll in to learn more about supporting service members and other military-connected groups.



  • TRACK A: Center for Credentialing and Education – BCC Approved program

Next Cohort will not start until Fall of 2018 or Winter. You may inquire about an Independent Study if you plan to enroll sooner than that.

For those interested in the FULL Certification Track resulting in a Coach Certification as a Life-Mapping Coach  – Specializing in Transition and Development for Service Members, Veterans and Their Families, 60 hours of training with many extra benefits..still one of the ONLY full-coaching certification programs in the USA specifically designed to help you coach military-connected clients as they transition into new careers..   Learn more here about our Track A, based on the esteemed Hawk Eye Flagship program



  • TRACK B :

  • If you are interested in a self-paced home-study online program that is offered as training with a Certificate of Completion, has 10 – 15 hours of core training and at least another 10+hours of bonus material, is aimed at the novice or novice coach and does NOT result in full certification, click here to read about our Track B.



  • TRACK C:

If you would like to enroll in a self-paced, online home-study course for CCE-Board Certified Coaches, that offers 27+ CEUs please read more here.



Please contact me regarding track A, B or C and your interest in either military discount or possible scholarship. Or enroll now a for either Track A , Track B or Track C.

Proud to support Veterans Nationally and Locally with new Partnership.


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Stop Soldier Suicide, "filling the gap” that exists in helping military Veterans or active duty connect with help.

Stop Soldier Suicide, “filling the gap” that exists in helping military Veterans or active duty connect with help.