Leadership, Resiliency and Life-Mapping Courses

BlueRio Strategies is a Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) Approved Board Certified Coach (BCC) training provider.

In PILOT PHASE: BlueRio’s Lead & Thrive: A Leadership and Resilience Certification Course with an additional focus on Capacity Building..

Leadership CoachingNEWS! Course as both 60-hour and 120-hour now approved by the BCC.

Enroll in Lead and Thrive to identify or define even deeper –  your personal and professional purpose.

You will learn about various styles of leadership and the underpinnings of fostering resilience in individuals, teams and community. You will gain a clearer picture of your life’s mission, how challenges, crisis and trauma affect people, and how leadership shows up as a process and a position. Even as you train to support others the program encourages you to also improve your capability to approach difficult decisions and challenging experiences with the skills and clarity to move forward.

CCE Credential BCC Final Phase of the Pilot –
Cohort 2 to start in June




Survive and Thrive – Resiliency Building: E-learning Course


The Survive and Thrive Course provides a rich opportunity to learn and stay abreast of current knowledge of the psychology of and coaching insights in this critically important area of successful life/work management. I was impressed with the variety of informative content that includes videos from leading professionals in the field, recent and relevant research, Jessie’s experience-based and heart-felt presentations, and the opportunity to further the learning by interacting with other professionals in the field. The portal was easy to use and a convenient way to access content around my schedule. I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in learning more about and developing their insights and competencies for surviving and thriving in today’s fast paced and rapidly changing world..David Borchard, Ed.D., BCC Executive and Life Transition coach


resilience development

Survive and Thrive -Taught be Jessi LaCosta, BCC,  is a blend of group calls, e-learning and online discussion board and concentrates on helping others (or self) to foster resilience.

“Jessi is the most involved online instructor I have had in three years of taking online courses.”

As part of the BlueRio’s Hawk Collaborative’s mission to create world that manifests success creatively, strategically with empathy and an eye towards growth and healing – This course is OPEN to ANYONE who is interested. It’s a development course for some on a personal level (non-coaches) and for most on a professional level (coaches) Participants join together in a virtual space/class room to examine models of resilience building and roles resilience plays in people’s ability to thrive during and after great challenges….