Leadership & Resilience Coach Training

Training to become a professional coach is truly transformational. It is about aligning your calling with your skills, qualities and traits and then developing a platform to manifest your vision. Whether you intend to coach managers, leaders, teams or even parents –having the right tools and understanding to leverage your coaching ability is a must.

In today’s climate -corporate and personal – challenges, even crisis are sadly becoming the norm. Yet dealing with them in productive, effective and compassionate ways lead to mleadership coach certificationore than surviving – it is about Thriving. In fact, supporting people to foster more resilience and authentic leadership is meaningful, satisfying and can be part or ALL of your career and in doing so you also lead a life full of abundance in thought, spirit and intention. This hybrid on-site plus online course will show you how to bring your intuitive and strategic insight to life as a Certified Leadership and Resilience Coach.

leadership coach certification

BlueRio’s Lead & Thrive: A Leadership and Resilience Certification Course with an additional focus on Capacity Building..  A Hybrid of online and on-site lessons. Dates to be announced – most likely Spring or Summer of 2018

Jessi LaCosta’s teaching style reflects her experiences through engaging students and those interested in diving deeper into their understanding of coaching through a creative mix of approaches and resources. Her personal style reflects an interest that is encouraging others and creating opportunities for individuals to find their own style of coaching. She accomplishes this with an incredible array of resources from video/audio presentations, to peer-reviewed articles, to guidelines for the profession. She has an array of methods to meet the needs of coaches and would-be coaches by honing into their needs and interests and supplying even more information in that area.

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ABOUT ON-SITE (Dates not announced yet – tentative for Summer 2018.)

In this intensive, immersive program, learn the foundations for professional coaching, build coaching skills, increase confidence to work with clients who pose challenging and exciting circumstances.

Identify personal and professional purpose along with developing the tools needed to assist others with life and career management and mapping. *In-person training is followed by an online, private portal where you continue to engage with your cohort to complete the training. Once all requirements are met- participants earn a designation as Certified Leadership and Resilience Coach [CLRC]

**If you would prefer an online experience – Enroll in the next virtual Coach Training – Winter 2018

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