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BlueRio offers many programs designed to enhance learning, excite the mind and motivate others to make profound differences in their lives, teams, organizations and community.


Steeped in robust, immersive learning, lecture-based as well as intuitive and responsive and collaborative instruction, these training programs are unique, affordable and offer lasting results. The foundation of most courses follow theories and applications stemming from IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology) Strengths-based Development, Brand-Centered Sustainability™ and Resilience-building. Workshops may be delivered on-site, off-site and as retreats. BlueRio delivers both personal and professional training and development.


Currently: (last updated 1/30/19 )

**Important note.  Full live or hyrbid Training Cohorts for Coach Certification Programs (not CEUs for BCCs) will resume sometime in the Spring. Until then, if you are interested in one of the coach certification courses and wish to inquire about a self-study with teacher interaction (AKA Independent Study – which is 100% online) please contact the founder Jessi LaCosta via phone 984-377-3699 or email and mention which coach certification program you seek to learn more about.


BlueRio Strategies is a CCE- APPROVED BCC Training Provider.

I am truly humbled by Jessi’s gratitude and knowledge as a coach and coaching instructor. She wholeheartedly shows compassion and unwavering knowledge and gives truth to the meaning of empathy and strength. She’s a true guide and mentor. Jessi goes exceedingly far beyond her job description and gives 1000% to each of her students and clients. I have honestly never come across someone who is so real and earnest yet so professional. Jessi is the epitome of a true leader, professional, and coach. I highly recommend Jessi as a coach and coaching instructor. She will far exceed all expectations. She truly cares about every individual and it shows.” Destinee Prete




Currently: (last updated 1/30/19 )

**Important note.  If you are interested in one of the coach certification courses and wish to inquire about an online self-study with teacher interaction (AKA Independent Study) please contact the founder Jessi LaCosta via phone 984-377-3699 or email and mention which coach certification program you seek to learn more about.  Your current choices would be:

  1. Life Map Coach Certification – Military Focus – A robust program covering Veterans and their Spouses/Partners – transition and life/career development – 60 hours – AVAIL now as an independent study.
  2. NEWLY BCC-APPROVED:  Life Map Coaching – Foundation Only – 30 hours (self-paced/online) AVAIL NOW
  3. Life Map Coach Certification – Foundations & Focuses – 60 hours (you choose one focus from: Family Dynamics, Personal Branding, Mindfulness, Veteran Transition, or Career Coaching) AVAIL Approx February 9th
  4. Leadership and Resilience Coach Certification – 60 & 120 hours (will resume in Late winter- self-paced) AVAIL APPROX EARLY March)
  5. Leadership and Resilience Coach Certification – 36 hours (pending BCC approval – April)

For CEUs for BCCs (you may enroll in any full certification course, as long as it is NOT the same course that allowed you to sit for the BCC exam)

  1. Coaching Through Acceptance – self-paced and online 100% = 12 CEUs
  2. Basic Ethics – – self-paced and online 100% = 4 CEUs
  3. BlueRio & Golden (100% online  – Personality Assessment tool + 17 CEUs)

Coming Feb/March: Focuses: Mindfulness, Family Dynamics, Personal Branding, Career Coaching, Resilience = 20 – 30 CEUs


You May scroll down for overview of programs.

Also – For Board Certified Coaches seeking online, self–study training please scroll below regarding current offerings. Also – for anyone needing clarification on BCC CE requirements – please visit their site: (this may take you to another site via TAB or new page in your browser) or you may download documents here by click the links below.



  • BlueRio & Golden Personality Profiler Assessment Certification Course + CEUs

Bundled with CEUs for CCE-Board Certified Coaches. Personality Assessment Tool Certification..This online, self-paced course leads coaches in understanding theories and uses of a powerful tool for helping clients to gain deep self-knowledge and awareness and results in a Certification to administer the assessment tool. The answers to life’s most important questions and challenges are formed, first and foremost, by having accurate self-insights. The The Golden personality profiler version 5.0 offers a view into these insights including 5 Global Scales and 38 facet scales of a person’s personality. Earn 17 CEUs – opening for enrollment NOW!!

Read more here


  • New BCC-Approved, BlueRio’s  Life Map Coach Training and Certification, Foundation and Focuses – (AND FOUNDATION ONLY)


Life-Map Coaching lays a foundation for clients to design sustainable lives, based in identifying purpose and having an alignment with values and skills. It is also about deepening their ability to manage life’s ebbs and flows with assertiveness and confidence. The core of  the training is Life-mapping foundations and participants can choose any of the following focuses:

  • Individual and Family Dynamics
  • Personal Branding
  • Mindfulness
  • Veteran Transition – a less intense version than the robust Veteran Development, Life-Mapping Coach Training)
  • Career Coaching


  • Coaching Through Acceptance™ – (CEU class for BCCs)

100% online self-paced course focusing on supporting  clients in achieving goals while focusing on using Intentions and Acceptance as tools vs. only positive and strength-based approaches. Examine and Explore the concept of Acceptance and Intention as it relates to self as coach and to clients’ plans and objectives.  In a time where “reaching for the stars” and foundations of positive and strength-based approaches have become the norm – sometimes this comes at the cost of appreciating being in the present – a potential stumbling block for both coach and client. Earn 12 CEUs-



  • Ethics

ETHICS for BCC Coaches –

Affordable, 100% online – self-paced course reviewing ethical concerns that CCE Board Certified Coaches may have. 4 CEUs. READ MORE HERE


LEAD & THRIVE Leadership & Resilience Coaching Certification – with additional focus on Capacity Building

  • This BCC-Approved Coach Certification Program offers either 60 or 120 hours of training – is 100% online (May also be offered as a hybrid of on-site and online or as an Independent Study.) – The focus is on professional coaching foundations, working with Leaders as well as supporting a Leadership mentality in others and has its main thrust in Resilience as a behavior that can be fostered in individuals, teams and organizations. This course will show you how to bring your intuitive and strategic insight to life as you become Certified Leadership and Resilience Coach. (Coming back in March)  Read More Here 

Veteran Development, Life-Mapping Coach Training (specifically military related)

For almost 6 years, BlueRio Strategies offered the USA’s First CCE, BCC-Approved Coach Certification Program and CEU program that trained individuals to assist Service Members and Veterans in transitioning from the military career to a civilian setting. We now offer a modified version of this flagship training to focus NOT just on career transition – but on Life-Mapping for the Service Member, Veteran and their Families.

For more information about the training click this: Overview. AVAIL NOW AS INDEPENDENT STUDY


“I very much enjoyed the sessions. The topics were educational and informative. I really got a lot out of the case studies and examples. I also very much appreciated the reinforcement of building from one’s strengths instead of the more familiar concentration on ‘areas to improve.’ I found the experience very upbeat and positive. I am glad each session came with a resource guide since I feel I need to learn more about a variety of topics before I feel comfortable applying them with confidence in my work area. Enjoyed the freedom of doing the sessions at the office and not having to find time to travel. The phone conference and slides worked well for me (low tech and easy to follow!!). Well organized, logical flow of ideas and concepts. Thank you for including me in the inaugural session!” Mary Valerio, Former Deputy Environmental Services Director, City of San Diego, CA

“I want to thank you for your very informative and inspirational presentation at the ISES Luncheon at the Red Cross Building. One of the points that has stuck most with me is that one must be consistent and true to your image in every communication and interaction with the public. I wholeheartedly agree with this and will strive to follow this advice at every opportunity—from answering the phone, to networking and following up with people, etc.” Jessica L. Barnes, Human Rights in North Korea Project, FREEDOM HOUSE, Washington, DC


Every few years, the ICF (International Coach Federation), via PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, administers a global study of coaches worldwide (including non-ICF members), the results of which, comprise a snapshot of where the profession of coaching is, right now, and what the future of coaching may be.


  • Over 15,000 respondents, from 137 countries, took the survey
  • The ICF estimates there are over 50,000 professional coaches, worldwide
  • Coaching earns over $2 Billion per year in US Dollars.

So What do Coaches Earn?

  • Income varies widely…
  • Factors include number of years practicing and type of coaching offered
  • Globally, coaches average $51,000 per year USD.
  • The highest earners are in Oceania ($73,000+), followed by N. America (almost $62,000), and W. Europe ($55,000+).
  • Lowest earnings are in E. Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean ($18,000+ – $27,000+).
  • Most coaches (75%) expect their annual income to increase in the near future
  • Some coaches (45%) expect their fees to increase in the near future


  •  99% of professional coaches have coach-specific training
  • 81% have studied in an accredited or approved program (BlueRio offers three Center for Credentialing and Education, BCC-Approved programs.
  • Over two-thirds have completed at least 125 approved/accredited hours of coach training.
  • 77% say their clients expect coaches to be certified.
  • 44% say the biggest obstacle to the coaching profession is untrained individuals who call themselves, coaches.


CCE Board Certified CoachWhat do you need to know about the BCC (Board-Certified Coach) Credential? Read more here


THINK BlueRio and its Institute do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, sexual preference, or national and ethnic origin in administration of its admission procedures, grading and coaching.










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