Hawk Eye Coaching

We believe in helping our military heroes reintegrate into civilian lives with dignity, purpose, intention and vision. That is what Transition Development Coaching can do. Coaching offers guidance and groundwork for decision-making and growth. It delivers noticeable, genuine results.

It is a powerful, profound resource for many people. At its core, it is about a confidential relationship between a trained coach and you that results in clarity, trust, and purposeful potential. Transitioning to Civilian life is both challenging and rewarding and yet often full of roadblocks.

A qualified coach can help you traverse these obstacles and manage the landscape much more effectively than if you were to attempt it on your own. Your final destination can be one of joy when the journey is clearly marked.creative thinker

 “Jessi is a very intuitive and creative thinker. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by her. After spending 10 years in the military, I left with absolutely no confidence in myself or my future in the civilian world. Jessi helped me define my strengths, skills and goals. She assisted me in developing a clear educational and career path by honing in on my personality traits. She’s not one to ‘give’ you all the answers but she will definitely help you organize your thoughts and ideas so that you have the answers! I figured out a college major, improved resume and LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, and chose a career field. Her brilliance and encouragement have definitely impacted my life in the most positive way.


Veterans arrive at their transition state in various capacities and with varying degrees of excitement, fear, joy, sadness, even frustration. And yet – when that transition happens in an effective, purposeful way – it is masterful! This coaching is applicable for the recently retired or the veteran who is changing careers or perhaps even starting a business. More than working to uncover next steps in personal and professional development, the coaching engagement is designed to tap into hidden potential and to build strategic plans for successful, sustainable foundations in life and career.