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BlueRio Strategies Offers a  Directory of Quality, Trained Coaches.

Most of the Coaches in our directory have been trained in our innovative program Lead and Thrive, that integrates the latest neuroscience research, Brand-Centered Sustainability™ and secular mindfulness practices into leading edge, result-driven coaching strategies. Clicking on the name of the Coach or Organization will reveal more contact information for that entry.


**Please note that we cannot guarantee results and that coaching is not a therapeutic, clinical or medical service. Coaching rather is a profound partnership among professionals who seek to grow, improve and manifest success. Any representation of services by the coaches in this directory are being made indirectly of what BlueRio and Hawk Collaborative offers.

Photo of Jessi LaCosta of BlueRio Strategies
Jessi LaCosta of BlueRio Strategies

Why BlueRio? – My Philosophy and Approach:

Intuitive, insightful and yet still very tactical.
I see the big picture without losing sight of the small details that are along the way.
Offering REAL feedback in REAL time, firm and truthful and yet I will communicate with a caring enough stance that it resonates with you

If you believe that innovative, results-focused, vision-driven, realistic and yet empathetic support would help you and/or your organization realize your goals –– then you have found that in my approach.

My services are custom, reflecting your needs. With over 20 years experience, I bring clarity to situations and work with people to create mindful strategies for action planning. It is always about finding the right and the best path for you to achieve your goals and meet double and triple bottom results. My belief and experience with systems-thinking, strength-based development, brain and mind science, IPNB, (interpersonal neurobiology) offers a strong foundation to help my clients. To learn more about the services I offer, please visit: http://www.bluerio.net/services.html

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Photo of Joan Nosal T.R.I. Life Coaching
Joan Nosal T.R.I. Life Coaching
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Photo of Resilient Mind Coaching
Resilient Mind Coaching

I help executives and leaders overcome their barriers to success and realize their full potential. I create innovative strategies to optimize performance using evidence-based techniques from psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. I empower ambitious leaders to stay focused, communicate more effectively, make decisions more quickly and have a sense of purpose and freedom in their lives.

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Photo of Sarah Serbinski
Sarah Serbinski
A mindful way to cultivate resilience Sarah Serbinski

As a Certified Leadership & Resilience Coach, I am grounded in traditional and innovative coaching approaches, underpinnings of Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Brand-Centered Sustainability™ practices that help you move towards your goals for personal development and professional work. I assist in partnership, collaboration, and inspired support for you to reach your goals. As a coach, I assist you through an inquiry process including strategies, such as: arts-based activities, contemplative practices, embodied movements, journalling, photography, worksheets, and much more. Together we monitor progress towards the implementation of your action plan.

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