Profound Journeys (retreats & programs)




BlueRio Strategies and its Hawk Collaborative now offer Personal and professional development programs and retreats that are steeped in rejuvenation, renewal and growth.  These Profound Journeys © will take you away from your daily grind and into new worlds where a foundation can be set for long-lasting growth. Be inspired. Build a network. Become more than you ever thought you could be!

personal and professional developmentpersonal and professional development

Some will be at retreats locally in the USA, some in the UK and abroad and all will be offered at unique venues or venues that offer inspiring options. All are lead by award-winning Board-Certified Leadership Coach and Resilience Advisor, Jessi LaCosta. And all include more than just motivational content – they will offer actionable tools and strategies for personal and professional situations.

“LaCosta really gets it. She’s been there… She brings a sense of professionalism and yet a sense of acceptance, belief, and trust that almost everyone can thrive if they are just given the right tools and the right support. She has experienced great trauma and great success and lives to pay it forward and share her strategies and her stories with others. Being in her presence is like being with a long-lost friend who became a wise sage with a great sense of humor – who allows you to be with yourself – warts and all and then empowers you to become who you always dreamed you could be – the person you want others to see and know.” David – Baltimore, MD