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“AWESOME-AMAZINGNESS! … that is how I would describe my experience as a student within the Leadership & Resilience Coach Certification. I’m delighted to have taken this transformative program. It has provided a one of a kind, solid foundation to coaching clients through “bumps” in their lives and to keep them moving forward towards their personal and/or professional goals. Are you ready to become a coach?  I would  recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming ethically trained as a leadership and resilience coach. ” Sarah Serbinski, PhD,

This resilience coaching course has been designed to be offered in various ways.  Not all delivery formats are available at this time.

  • 100% online platform  (cohort or independent study, self-paced)
  • A hybrid of on-site and virtual lessons
  • On-site training for your organization &/or to the Public
  • Retreat-Style Intensive 3 – 5 day experience


Leadership & Resilience Coach TrainingEnroll in Lead and Thrive to identify or define even deeper – your personal and professional purpose.   You will learn about various styles of leadership and the underpinnings of fostering resilience in individuals, teams and community.

You will gain a clearer picture of how challenges and trauma affect leadership – either as a role or as a process. Even as you train to support others, the program encourages you to also improve your capability to approach difficult decisions and challenging experiences with the skills and clarity to move forward.

Course Outcomes:

  • coachingCourse Outcomes/Benefits: (36-hour)

    • Understand the foundations for professional coaching
    • Understand Basic Ethics as it pertains to the Coaching Industry
    • Have understanding and awareness of CCE (BCC) Code of Ethics
    • Knowledge IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology), Brand-Centered Sustainability, basic theories of resilience building
    • Familiarity with intro concepts of organizational development and how the coach acts as a change agent in institutions/companies
    • Understanding at a basic level of leadership models/theories
    • Understanding at a basic level of communication/conflict models/theories
    • Knowledge of calming tools, techniques
    • Understand personal conflict modes and how to address conflict in other
    • Experience assessments: Style Matters, Val, Leadership or Management Inventory
    • Ability to understand/support clients with business/organizational strategies and assessments including Organizational Brand, GAP Analysis, SOAR, Leadership
    • Ability to develop coaching plans and as well as coaching contracts
    • Test and refine personal style of coaching
    • Train and become certified as a BlueRio Leadership and Resilience Coach [CLRC]
    • Free Listing on Future Coach Directory
    • One Style Matters Dashboard (value $99)
    • Two coaching sessions [after graduation] with founder [value $350]
    • *36 hours BCC-Approved Training for Credential or CEUs (pending approval)
  • Hours are approved for those who seek the respected BCC Credential and wish to apply. (Not mandatory to earn certification – considered an additional mark of distinction. The 36-hour may be a great option for Counselors and those with Doctorate degrees who wish to earn the BCC)
  • **For 60-hour and 120-hour additional coaching sessions with the founder are included.

CCE Credential BCC

If intending to sit for the Center for Credentialing and Education’s BCC credential you must have a minimum of an undergraduate degree and a between 30 and 120 approved training hours (depending on your educational background). This course counts at 36, 60 and 120 approved training hours – depending on your enrolled course.  If you do not intend to sit for this exam – you may enroll without a college degree, however, please note that the course-work is intensive and offered at a college graduate level. You must have a minimal proficiency in English and the ability to comprehend mid-high level complex concepts.

  • Required Materials
    Access to the internet
    Free membership to access the private MyHaiku/PowerSchool portal

ALL Requirements may be modified slightly for on-site, hybrid and Independent Study Option.

Requirements to Earn Certification – Self-Paced (Will be modified for hybrid or 100% on-site) You will be allowed to have access to the portal for lessons, assignments, and exams for nine months. Ideally, as a 36-hour student, you will complete your studies within three-four months. When all requirements are met, you earn your certification and will be emailed a digital certificate with the option to receive a hard-copy version.

100% Virtual Course: 36-hour

  1. Minimum one-hour coaching with the instructor (Role-Play for non-BCC-holders) – or turn in up to 2 recorded sessions with a client – that equal 45 – 60 minutes for evaluation.
  2. Pass exams with a 75 or above (alternative assignments may be offered if requested)
  3. Must commit to posting at least 5 topic posts in the online discussion forum. There will be approximately 8 from which to choose)
  4. Proof of 6 coaching hours with paid or pro-bono client [Not required for those holding a BCC credential]
  5. Assignments
    1. Take/experience Style Matters Communication/Conflict Inventory
    2. Complete Personal Priority Plan Sheet
    3. Choose between a management or leadership Inventory
    4. One short reflection paper
    5. Coaching Conversations – 1 page
    6. Additional Assignment of choice
  6. Submit signed Code of Ethics
  7. Submit proof of coaching form

+++You will have to also have proof of additional coaching hours per CCE if you intend to apply for board certification. See their requirements here.

Jessi is a highly compassionate and accessible instructor who provides a broad range of materials and experiences that encourage multiple perspectives and thus finally integration around key concepts. She is timely and responsive to all class members and willing to assist with any needs. Creative and innovative presentations are a hallmark of her courses. LLW

+++You will have to also have proof of additional coaching hours per CCE if you intend to apply for board certification. See their requirements here


100% Virtual Course: 60 hour

  • Minimum two one-hour coaching with the instructor (Role-Play for non-BCC-holders) – or turn in up to 2 recorded sessions with a client – that equal 45 – 60 minutes for evaluation.
  • Pass exams with a 75 or above (alternative assignments may be offered if requested)
  • Peer Coaching: There are three hours of peer coaching
  • Must commit to posting at least 8 topic posts in the online discussion forum. (There will be approximately 15 from which to choose)
  • Proof of 8 coaching hours with paid or pro-bono client [Not required for those holding a BCC credential]
  • Assignments
    • Take/experience Style Matters Communication/Conflict Inventory
    • Complete Personal Priority Plan Sheet
    • Choose between a management or leadership Inventory
    • Three short reflection paper
    • Coaching Conversations – 1 page
    • Additional Assignment of choice
    • Submit signed Code of Ethics
    • Submit proof of coaching form


The following is based on the 36-hour version. For the 60 & 120-hour versions, a slightly more robust curriculum is offered and required assignments are increased. 

Module 1:

  • Intro to Coaching
  • Coaching history
  • BlueRio’s IA© Coaching Module – Foundation for professional coaching
  • Basic Components of Coaching Engagements
  • Screening/Orientation (intakes/agreements)
  • Roles of Client and Coach – Group/Virtual etc
  • Coaching Alliance
  • Introduction to Coaching Plans
  • Ethics – Basic Foundation -as well as required by BCC
  • BCC Core Competencies (optional for BCCs)
  • Terminating Coaching
  • Coaching Vs. Counseling

Module 2:

  • Resilience defined and explored
  • Phases of resilience examined
  • Intro to Survive and Thrive

Module 3:

  • Personal and organizational branding
  • Leadership models and theories
  • Organizational development

Module 4:

  • Basic IPNB and neuroscience
  • Models of motivation and change
  • Examination of trauma
  • Challenges and crisis
  • Communications/conflict management
  • Calming techniques
  • Assessments

Module 5

  • Goal setting
  • Problem-solving:
    • Ladder of Inference
    • Force field analysis
    • WOOP
  • Strategic models [Other theories/concepts that would impact resilience:]
    • ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy – modified for coaches)
    • Rupture & Repair

Module 6

  • Survive and Thrive In More detail:
    The concept of:
    Overcoming/Disruption, Becoming/Processing
    Becoming MORE/Integration & Growth

Module 7:

  • Coaching Plans revisited
  • Self-Care
  • Additional Resources

 COSTS VARY DEPENDING ON TRAINING HOURS, DELIVERY (On-site, hybrid, 100% online or Independent Study. Tuition for online learning ranges between $1400 (36 hours) $2800 for 60-hour to $4700 for 120-hour. Nonprofit discounts available and limited Scholarships. Special Launch Prices as well.

**As of April 5th, 2019 no cohorts are scheduled. You may enroll for the self-paced independent study which is due to open no later than July 1, 2019 and will have open enrollment after that. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

DragonFly Scholarship**Also in honor of our late Volunteer Board Member, Liz Braun, (12/13/73 – 4/2/18) who loved Dragonflies and their symbolism of resilience we are offering two scholarships – the DragonFly –  for the 36-hour and the 60-hour versions. One scholarship will be for 35% off and one will be for 55% off the published tuition. You may contact for information regarding the application or apply directly at this link:

To visit the enrollment page click here.

Other cancellation information below:

There is a required non-refundable registration fee for BlueRio’s Lead and Thrive Training Program of $50 (36 hours) $100 (60 hours) and $200 (120 hours) . This is included in the price of the program and guarantees your spot in the course at the priced you purchased. You will get a refund minus the cost of the registration fee.

Following registration, you may cancel without penalty if the request is received at least 21 days before the course begins. No refunds are made after the course begins. Requests must be made in writing and emailed or contact us for our mailing address. (984) 377-3699. Emergency cancellations for those who withdraw after the course has begun and within the first two weeks will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. No refunds after student has been enrolled for 2 weeks or more. Tuition however may be rolled into a different course if available.


Classroom Demeanor & Courtesy – Because students may not share the same opinions in many courses, it is important that we remember to respect the opinions and ideas of others.  A platform of respect and conscientiousness for all is crucial in order to accomplish our goals.  We are not in any course to judge others for insight and opinions we do not share. Any harsh criticisms or demeaning behaviors will not be tolerated.  In addition, BlueRio Institute and its instructors have the right to remove any students who disobey the policies and procedures, are not willing to complete requirements and have not made attempts to remedy the situation of concern with representatives of BlueRio Institute.

Any student of BlueRio training courses has the right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement, including issues of grades or material access.  Initial steps are outlined below:

The disagreement must be submitted in writing. The curriculum itself is nonrefundable – however if a student has just cause to believe the curriculum that was delivered was NOT what was promoted or described, or if a grade is considered to be unfair the student may request a review.

BlueRio requires at least 72 hours to make an initial response and may need up to thirty days to offer any final resolution. It will be first presented to the volunteer board of advisors. If a resolution is not satisfactory to both parties, mediation will be considered.


CCE Board Certified CoachAnd remember!!!!

This course meets approved requirements by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) as 36, 60  and 120 hours training for the BCC credential for this course. You are not required to earn the BCC credential. It is, however a mark of distinction. The course also will count as BCC – CE hours. To learn more about this credential – please visit the BCC site:

Completion of this course results in a Certification as a Leadership and Resilience Coach with an additional emphasis on Capacity Development AKA CLRC.