BCC-Approved Coach Certification

Two programs:

  1. Leadership, Resilience,

  2. Life-Mapping and Military Focused

Jessi is an expert in the coaching field with seemingly unlimited resources of information and tools. She is thorough in her presentations and provides insight in the training cohort that is applicable and thought provoking. I appreciated her determination to help everyone get what they needed from the Lead and Thrive course. JN

On this page are brief descriptions of the 2 full coach certification training courses BlueRio and its Collaborative offers. There will be links to more in-depth descriptions of each coming VERY soon. (7/13/17)


Revised and Updates for Recent Application  the Flagship program that trains virtually anyone to support Life and Career Mapping as well as transition support for military connected: service members, their spouses, family and veterans: Former Name = Hawk Eye will now be:

BlueRio’s Certified Life Mapping Coach Training –Specializing in transition and development for service members, veterans and their families. This is a 60-hour training and is pending BCC Approval for both a 100% virtual delivery that takes place across 6 months and a hybrid delivery of on-site and virtual that can be completed in as little as 2 months. (This may also be known as BlueRio’s Life Mapping; Military Focused). Expected Start Date 1/2018  Learn more here



Next – incredibly proud to offer our first 120 hour training of Lead and Thrive. Anyone pursuing a BlueRio's Lead and Thrive LogoBCC credential with ONLY an undergraduate degree will want to consider this option. In our ever-changing world where adaptability, flexibility and ABILITY to cope with challenges and chaos a certification in Leadership and Resilience will prepare you to face the complexity for yourself and your clients. More coming soon. Expected start Date between December 2017 – January 2017

You can read about the past cohorts that took it as a 60-hour version here.


The 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study: Almost all coach practitioners (99%) reported receiving some form of coach-specific training, with a large majority (89%) receiving training that was accredited or approved by a professional coaching organization. The receipt of coach-specific training was also very high among managers/leaders using coaching skills, with 93% reporting that they have received training. Almost three in four (73%) reported receiving accredited or approved coach-specific training. …

What about those not in leadership positions yet working for them-selves or aspiring to have their own practices?

Becoming a Professional Coach Offers:

  • Freedom and Flexibility
  • Opportunities to use your talents
  • Inspiring, challenging and transformative experiencesLeadership Coach Training Certification
  • No two days and no two clients are the same
  • Unlike pure consulting you are NOT always the expert- yet you are a partner in a person or a team’s quest for attaining a vision, an end-goal a plan or success
  • A true Resume-builder – more companies seek coaching as a skill
  • A very REAL sense of accomplishment and depth of contribution to making a difference in one person’s life one team, one organization and often in the world


BlueRio Strategies is a CCE-approved coach training provider for the BCC credential for the following courses:

Hawk Eye Coach Training for Veteran Development, Specializing in Veteran Transition, Reintegration and Career Management (35 and 60 Hours)

Lead and Thrive: A Leadership and Resilience Certification (60 and 120 Hours)