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Life-Mapping Coach Training Earns Respected BCC Approval

Chapel Hill, NC: The Center for Credentialing and Education has approved BlueRio’s Life-Mapping Coach Certification Program with its emphasis on training others to support the military connected community. BlueRio offers high-caliber training in areas of communication, teambuilding, leadership, resilience, personal and professional development. The newest coach-related program is Life-Mapping Coaching (AKA LMC). Its core focus is to inspire, educate and empower people to use coaching as vehicle to assist military-connected individuals as they design sustainable lives, effective career maps and master transitioning from a military-focused life to the civilian sector with dignity and purpose. The 60-hour program is approved to be delivered either 100% on-line or as a hybrid program of on-line and on-site sessions. This is the newest offering from the company. Enrollment is open now and the virtual/on-line version begins in December 2017.

In light of this announced approval – which is valid for five years, enrollment for the Track A version is specially priced15% off through the month of October. More information can be found at under Sage Solutions and Training.

Basic Information:

  • Cohort 1: 100% virtual – min 6 participants, Maximum is 20
  • Program dates: 12/28/17 – 6/16/19
  • Tuition: Valued at $2500 per person, Launch price is $1300
  • Lessons: Four modules covering 22 lessons
  • More about this program including enrollment and scholarships can be found at


“Jessi LaCosta puts her heart and soul into creating excellent online classes!  Take her classes. You will not be disappointed!   Here is a thank you I sent to her after the course completion.   “I want to send you a heart-felt thanks for helping create community in our class.  It was a pleasure to be involved with such a great group of people.  You truly channel the ideas and energy of your passion for teaching Resilience and IPNB to all of us to do great things with the ideas and concepts we learn. There is so much great course material to digest (in a good way) – many thought provoking ideas generated, and such a great sense of community in which we could share our ideas and thoughts about the course material.”  Kat P. Portland, Oregon

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Interviewed for the Professional Roundtable by Muriel Donnelly, former Executive Producer for London International Television and also known for her work with National Geographic, MTV, MTV2, Animal Planet, BBC America: