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First learn the foundation of professional life coaching – also called Life Map coaching and develop a deep sense of understanding about yourself as well as others in terms of designing purposeful blueprints for living in a way that aligns with skills, strengths, values, visions and missions.

BlueRio’s IA Coaching Model™, utilizes theories and practical applications stemming from strength-based development, positive psychology, Interpersonal neurobiology as well as branding to assist support professionals and coaches in uncovering a client’s best possible self. It also sheds light on strategies and tools to help clients map out their lives with purpose, authenticity and accountability.

Life Map Coaching lays a foundation for clients to design sustainable lives, based in identifying purpose and having an alignment with values and skills. It is also about deepening their ability to manage life’s ebbs and flows with assertiveness and confidence. This training has been developed to meet all core competencies that the Center for Credentialing and Education requires for those who wish to earn an ADDITIONAL designation as a Board Certified Coach. This is NOT a mandatory path, however many choose to pursue it. You may learn more about this credential by clicking here.  

Jessi, I just want to say thank you and that I totally enjoyed the course, your personal stories were easy to relate to, you sharpened my listening and communication skills. This will definitely help me to assist my clients in need. Keep up the good work, I would recommend this course to all new case managers and for others who need brushing up on their skills. Gratefully, John Rossi, Area Director, Westchester Community Opportunity Program, Inc. , White Plains Community Action Partnership (White Plains, NY)

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About the actual program:

30-hour foundation: Mastering the Core.

Lessons Overview: (This is NOT an exhaustive list and does not substitute for the full syllabus.)

  • Coaching History & Definition of Coaching
  • Process of Screening and Orientation: client motivation level, informed consent, coach and client roles etc.
  • Ethical and Professional Practice in coaching
    Codes of ethics, advocacy, understanding professional practice of coaching
  • Fundamental coaching Skills: Building a basic coaching alliance, creating coaching plans, facilitate client development of decision-making skills etc.
  • Assessments – Using formal and informal tools and inventories to examine clients’ strengths, values,  Assist client in identifying issues that may influence the client’s goals (intro to neuroscience)
  • Coaching roles in the context of organizational work

The core focus of the training is to inspire, educate and empower people to use coaching as vehicle to assist others.

Required Materials

Access to the Internet
Free membership to access the private MyHaiku/PowerSchool portal
Course may be delivered as a 100% Virtual option, on-site, as a hybrid of online and on-site and also as an Independent Study.  The course will run approximately 6 – 8 months if online or delivered as an Independent Study – When delivered live, on-site or as a hybrid of virtual and onsite program can be completed in as little as 4 weeks. **Currently ONLY online independent study is available. Students potentially could complete in as little as two months (approx 2 -3 hours per week) or take as long as 8 months to graduate.

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Bonus and Benefits:

All graduates whether in the 60-hour or the 30-hour will have an option for a free listing in a Future Coach Directory

  • Graduates of the 60-hour program will have two private, virtual, 90-minute coaching sessions after graduation with the Instructor
  • Graduates of the 30-hour program will have one private, virtual, 90-minute coaching session (or two 45-minute)s after graduation with the Instructor
  • Experience and train to use the Style Matters Communication and Conflict Inventory – Upon completion, of course, will be granted a dashboard that comes with 10 Style Matter Assessments to be used with clients $99 value
  • Whether you enroll in the 30-hour or the 60-hour your course counts as Approved Training Hours to sit for the Center for Credentialing and Education’s Board Certified Coach Exam. **Please consult their site and/or our page to learn more about this ADDITIONAL (but not required) credential.

Requirements below are an example for the 100% online – Independent Study delivery.

30-hour Foundation ONLY:  $998

1. Either One-one-One role-play with instructor: Two, 45-minute virtual sessions or send in 1 – 2 recorded calls with client or peer totaling 90 minutes – you as coach and someone as client
2. Exams: You must pass three exams (coaching, communication and conflict, final
3. Client Coaching: You are required to demonstrate proof of 6 hours of client coaching
5. Homework:

  • Discussion Posts (Found Under Activities Tab and Discussions) Answers/posting to a minimum of 4 discussion topic posts (9 available from which to choose)
  • Assignments (Found Under Activities Tab and Assignments)
  • One short reflection paper (This is equivalent to 3 paragraphs minimum – but no more than 2 pages long at maximum and can relate to either readings/Video I assign or articles or video you find.)
  • Coaching Conversations- 1 page
  • Coaching Plan based off of case study
  • Signed Code of Ethics
  • Signed proof of coaching form

Enroll here – or contact first with questions:

To learn about the 60-hour – Foundation and Focuses, Available as an Independent Study this Spring, visit this page.

Life Map Coach Training and Certification – 30 BCC approved Hours Foundation pilot price of  $998 extended through April 15, 2019.

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