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As the founder (and a Social Entrepreneur) of BlueRio Strategies, I have dreamed for many years of another way to engage like-minded professionals in order to make deep impact on the community we live in.  “Sage Solutions for Social Impact. This developed into The Hawk Collaborative, a way to pool talents and resources to help our community. It is a future Think Tank and collaboration portal.  The initial cause was focused on the reintegration of military veterans into the civilian sector. We moved into resilience in general, offering affordable, innovative training and coach training programs.

Our newest and next move is to dive even deeper, conducting research and development of strategies used to assist and support individuals, teams and eventually communities following them, learning from them – especially in the aftermath of challenges and crisis about what keeps them resilient and how we can build on that and incorporate it into our work – real insight and real applications. Also in late 2017 and early 2018 we intend to offer consulting and workshops based on Brand-Centered Sustainability™ and Brand-Centered Leadership Development™.

In the meantime we continue to offer affordable training for coaches and those who want to become coaches, most are BCC-Approved programs, as well as compassionate and sound solutions for human development, leadership and organization effectiveness through consulting, workshops, retreats and keynote engagements.

BlueRio and others in the Hawk Collaborative support nonprofits, academic programs, social entrepreneurs & social enterprises among others. Many of our current and future partners and contributors offer solutions that are grounded in relational neuroscience, IPNB, organization development and the belief that a more civil, compassionate world can also produce effective, successful, creative and strategic systems and people.

BlueRio’s Hawk Collaborative believes in strategic, yet mindful and caring tools to help others succeed. You can join our discussion in our linkedin group by visiting this link.

And please stop by the parent company’s website to learn more about our volunteer advisors.(bluerio.net)

  • Dominic Silvani – Advisor for Training Programs (TN, USA))
  • Elizabeth Braun – Advisor for Program Development, also former Teacher’s Assistant for Various Programs (Romania)
  • James Howard – Advisor for Military-Related Programs (CA, USA))
  • Sarah Serbinski – Advisor for Strategy and Research (Canada)
  • Shawn Jones – General Advisor (Raleigh, NC)





Stop Soldier Suicide, "filling the gap” that exists in helping military Veterans or active duty connect with help.

Stop Soldier Suicide, “filling the gap” that exists in helping military Veterans or active duty connect with help.

Announcing a new partnership with Stop Soldier Suicide, a national nonprofit headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Stop Soldier Suicide is the first national civilian not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing active duty and Veteran suicide.