About the BlueRio Institute

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As the founder (and a Social Entrepreneur), I have dreamed for many years of ways to engage like-minded professionals in order to make deep impact on the community we live in, which I often referred to as “Sage Solutions for Social Impact.”

I began BlueRio offering coaching, training, and consulting in 2004  (as BlueRio Coaching and then it became BlueRio Strategies – now BlueRio Strategies, LLC.)  Eventually, the company branched out into coach certification training that had a social impact element. The first cause I focused on was the reintegration and transition of US military veterans into the civilian sector. Then with the support of other coaches, counselors, and a volunteer board, we moved into transitions, leadership, and resilience in general, offering affordable, innovative training and coach training programs under the name of the BlueRio Institute. Most of our programs are influenced by interpersonal neurobiology [relational neuroscience] fused with elements of branding and strategic communications. We have also offered onsite training and consulting as well as thought leadership speaking engagements. We will also be resuming our 100% online virtual training and consulting options shortly.

BlueRio’s Current Mission:

Using solutions from the intersection of relational neuroscience, brand leadership, and resilience, we aim to educate, inspire, and empower others to use mindful and strategic approaches to change lives, communities, and the world.



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